Has your dream ever been playing a board game that involves consuming and creating the perfect Pies?

Ok maybe not but whether or not you like making pies or not the latest board game from Blue Ocean Games may be for you.

Piece of Pie Board Game

About Piece of Pie

Piece of Pie is a 2 – 4 player drafting game that goes for around 15 – 20min and involves drafting pie pieces to Make the Perfect Pie.

So it’s time to piece together the perfect pie! ​

Piece of Pie​ is a deliciously themed drafting game. Where Each turn, you take one of the available pieces and add them to your personal pie.

You will need to follow the recipe cards to earn the most points possible.

Pick the pieces that match the featured recipes on display… and don’t forget the decorations!

Players will take turns drafting random Pie Tiles each turn with a twist of players needing to select the piece of pie display by the dial in the middle of the board first.

This twist keeps things interesting as it can limit a player’s choices on the first player turn making the game more balanced.

Release Date

There is no scheduled release date for a piece of pie yet however pie fans can expect to see it in-store sometime during 2020

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