One of the best thing about being an adult beside the ability to drive and leave the house whenever you want is that your once simple Board Game Nights now can now come with an optional side of booze and a whole lot of snacks.

While for most the good old board game night may seem like a ‘night-in’ only sort of option, but let’s be honest it’s really is sometimes nice to get out of the living room and head out into the big old world where someone else can pour the beers and hand-deliver the snacks.

So if you are past any sort of food on cards kind of phobia or want to friends to put those greasy hands on somebody else’s copy of dominion then here are some of my favourite options for taking your next board game night out on the town.


Address: 186 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

Netherworld is the perfect joint for sneaking in a quick game between a few sessions of pinball or Donkey Kong, tables are limited due to its popularity but sufficient depending on when you rock up.

They have a fantastic free to play library of board game for you to choose from and a Japanese / American Fusion style menu this place is the number one spot for both food and games.

The game we played here: Five Tribes

Defiant Duck

Address: 3/84 Longland St, Newstead QLD 4006

Ok before we get to the games I just need to say the maple bacon fries here are legendary I once made a group of friends drive across town just because I wanted these things so badly.

The Venue itself is great it has heaps of table space and a few of the classics (Jenga Etc) you can throw onto the table so if you are a hardcore gamer id recommend bringing your own.

But its lack of games shouldn’t turn you off the venue is perfect for board gaming and with $1 Tacos on the weekends, great food and a really awesome atmosphere id would seriously recommend you check this place out.

The game we played here: Tsuro

Vault Games

Address: LG, 123 Charlotte St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

Vault is the number one choice for options of games to play and with the This store having Purchase-To-Play model players can choose to buy at least a snack or drink on entry to play any of the games from there library. Alternatively, you can pay $10 (per person) for up to 4 hours of play.

This is a great option if you want to stop at your local Mexican joint then meet up and play some games but I do recommend grabbing food first and then relying on vault for your Snacks and Drinks.

The game we played here: Pandemic


Address: 8/1 Park Rd, Milton QLD 4064

Finally, The Scratch has a few options for the social gamer but just like defiant duck week would recommend you bring your own board games to this venue as the options have mostly been limited to the general party games.

The food and beer here, however, are fantastic and something no mear mortal could replicate in the comfort of there own home.

The game we played here: Railroad Ink

What’s your favourite spot?

Are you a local in Brisbane and your favourite spot didn’t make the list? We would love to know about it leave a comment with a link below and id love to check it out.

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