Antoine Bauza the creator of popular games like 7 wonders and Ghost Stories and Tokaido is working on a naruto themed dice game with publisher don’t panic games. 

Naruto: Ninja Arena is the first game using the Roll & Clash system. During the game, you throw your dice as quickly as you can and use the results to activate Techniques without stopping the game. Everyone plays at the same time in a frantic battle to be the last Ninja Standing!

The game ends when all players are K.O. or eliminated except one. The last player standing wins the game!

The base game will only feature the core members of team 7 however publisher Japanime Games has announced that it will release Naruto: Ninja Arena in North America in Q1 2021, but the Expanded Japanime version will combine the Don’t Panic base game and the Genin Pack Expansion into a single box. 

This expansion contains character cards for Rock Lee, Tenten, Hinata, Kiba, Temari, and Gaara and dice for up to six players to compete at once.

As a huge Naruto fan I can’t wait to try this one out but may have to wait until 2021

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