The Australian legendary animal the Bin Chicken has been announced this morning to be featured in the next wingspan expansion.

the bin chicken featured on the Australian kids show bluey

This Bird and been the point of conversation for most Aussies ever since the announcement of oceanic Expansion early this year.

Jamey gave us full details on the wingspan Facebook group this morning.

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October 3: Bin Chickens
On this weekend design diary, it’s time to address the biggest question about the Oceania expansion. Hundreds of people have inquired about this topic, and it involves an addition to the game that will forever change the scope of Wingspan.
Without further adieu, I would like to reveal that yes, Wingspan Oceania includes a bin chicken.

Here’s Elizabeth to explain:
“If you’re not in on the intense love-to-hate relationship that Australians have with the bin
chicken, aka the Australian Ibis (or even if you are), check out this short mockumentary: w4dYWhkSbTU Yes, of course it’s in the expansion. And of course it interacts with the discard pile.”

This. Changes. Everything.

I’m exaggerating for dramatic effect, but in all seriousness, I think it’s pretty cool that Elizabeth added some interactions with the discard pile. The Australian Ibis’ “when activated” ability reads:
“Shuffle the discard pile, then draw 2 cards from it. Choose 1 and tuck it behind this card or add it to your hand. Discard the other.”

The appendix clarifies that the discard pile is still the discard pile after this ability (not a fresh deck of cards). And yes, the bin chicken is the only card in the expansion that interacts with the discard pile, though we might revisit the ability in another region for other similar birds (though really, does any bird compare to the majestic nature of the bin chicken)?

I love the versatility of this ability. First, you get to revisit cards that were previously discarded–maybe you really wanted one of those birds! Second, even if you don’t want to play either of the birds you get, the bin chicken is happy to eat the bird and give you a point.

Please share your favorite bin chicken story in the comments below. I’m off to watch the 3-minute documentary Elizabeth shared in her description, and I’ll be back either tomorrow or Monday with more information about this expansion. Have a good weekend!

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