With this newest addition to the popular board game Crusaders Spreading the influence of your order” takes on a whole new meaning in Crusaders: Divine Influence!


The Expansion adds new components to the game as you attempt to spread the influence of your order including 64 new Building tiles (16 in each of 4 player colors)
16 Chapels
16 Keeps
16 Mills
16 Vaults

4 Player board extensions, 4 new Knight Order tiles, 12 Action tokens (for when Chapels are built), 1 giant Action token (for one of the new factions), 8 Troop tiles (2 for each player), 2 Influence majority award tiles, 43 Influence tiles, 64 Coat-of-Arms markers
(16 per player), 2 new Enemy Strength Track tiles, 4 25-Influence tokens.

What’s New in Crusaders: Divine Influence!

Players will be able to Claim influence over regions with the new and improved Influence action, take advantage of 4 new building types, and explore 4 new knight orders, in this expansion to Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done.


The Influence action allows you to gain Influence tiles by spreading the word of your order. In the expansion, this action is entirely different than the base game.


The Travel action works as normal, but leaving a region with your Coat of-Arms marker costs 1 less movement point than normal (1 movement point if an Enemy is present, 0 movement points if not).


The Build action now allows you to erect a wider variety of buildings that confer various new benefits in the game.

Knight Orders

There are also 4 new knights added to the game see below for there abilities.

Female Order of the Band
During setup, choose one wedge. Place the giant token in that wedge instead of 2 action tokens. The giant token counts as 2 tokens when resolving actions.

Livonian Brothers of the Sword
After a turn in which you built an expansion building (keep, chapel, mill, vault), you may distribute any bin on your action wheel. This is in addition to the normal turns distribution.

Order of the Dragon
When building an expansion building (keep, chapel, mill, vault) in an empty region, do so at -1 cost. You may build expansion buildings (keep, chapel, mill, vault) in regions with any one building as if they were empty regions (with a -1 cost).

Bailiwick of Brandenburg
You may use the Influence action in a region up to 1 region away from your Knight figure.

Release Date

Crusaders: Divine Influence is scheduled to be released later this year.

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