I want to start this conversation by saying I don’t usually like comparing one game to another but we all have our go-to board games for different social situations.

For Example, Say want to prove I’m better at board games than my sister in law then my go-to game is Ticket to Ride. Want a 2 player board game night 7 Wonders Duel. Couples date night Splendor

Trust me Im a Superhero Box Cover

These games are staples in our collections the most played the games that we just default to. For a long time, the go-to social party game for a large group for me would be cards against humanity.

It’s a great social game by omission, not my favourite game of all time but a solid party game.

Well I meet up with Jack Ford Morgan of Half Monster Games to play Trust me I’m a superhero a negotiation-style party card game and I must say am I am hooked. After a bunch of different social group road tests, everybody I have played it with has also agreed this is our new social party go-to game.

Dethroning Cards Against Humanity. The artwork is also fantastic with its almost retro Jetsons-style feel. The theme also has a wide appeal with those not as invested in superhero franchises still keen to give it a shot.

The thing that makes this game stand out is its replayability it just has something about it that most negotiation-style party card game don’t you just want to keep playing it even after the same jokes have told over and over again.

The game is engine for witty comebacks inside jokes and constant laughter with it guaranteed to be a great addition to any social gamers collection.

About Trust me, I’m a Superhero

In Trust Me, I’m a Superhero, you’re a rag-tag group of super-ish heroes who have been left to deal with the cities’ minor disturbances now that all the major stuff has been cleaned up by the A-Team who have since left to pursue loftier rescues.

Your Citizen sends Calls for Help to the superhero helpline, and it is up to you to best deal with anything that pops up…

But, little did the A-Team know that something big is about to hit town.

So How do you play?

Cards & Artwork Trust me Im a Superhero

The first Citizen will be the person who last watched a superhero movie (so cliche!).

All other players draw 5 ‘supers’ and 5 ‘powers’, then choose their favourite super/power and play it face down in front of them, creating their hero for the round.


The Citizen will then draw 3 ‘Calls for Help’ and picks one (saying sorry too bad to the other two, presumably),

The Citizen reveals it to the team who will then each take turns flipping their own superhero (super card + power card) over and trying to explain why they are best suited to the job.

The Citizen then will choose the winning hero, handing that hero the Call for Help Card as a point, upon which that player will now be the new Citizen for the next round.

The first hero to successfully be chosen to answer 3 Calls for Help is the winner!

Note: Arguing, heckling, and accusing the others of not being real heroes is encouraged!

Final Thoughts

Trust me im a superhero is a great addition to any gamers collection and if you are a social gamer that loves entertaining groups its a prerequisite for your collection. You can find out more and grab a copy at the half monster games website


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