Five Minute Dungeon is a cooperative tabletop board game Designed by Connor Reid that has players completing a dungeon crawl with up to 5 of there friends.

Cards are flipped frantically while players use the cards in there hand and deck to try to defeat a bunch of monsters in the monster deck.

This is a fantastic board game that is very replayable and is timed by a mobile phone app keeping the game to a simple 5 min game each time.

The Rules & GamePlay

The game has been described by its publishers as a chaotic, co-­operative, real-­time card game in which players have only five minutes to escape the randomized dungeon.

They have advised that players need to use communication and teamwork and they are critical to a players survival because there’s no time with a 5 min playtime for the players to form a carefully considered plan or really any plan at all there is also no predicting what dangers lie ahead and what cards will be revealed.

To go into even more detail, each one of the players assumes the role of one of the ten heroes decks available, with each deck having its own special cards and abilities unique to that player.

Once the five-minute timer starts located on the mobile app and available offline as well so you can actually take this game camping or somewhere without 4G coverage.

The race is on for you and your friends to defeat all the monsters inside the dungeon and crawl your way out discarding probably all the cards in your deck but don’t treat decks are reshuffled and reset each round.

So how do you actually defeat these monsters well in order to defeat them, you will find yourself matching symbols from your hand with ones on the monster’s card.

At the end of each of the dungeons will be a powerful dungeon boss.

Once the first boss is defeated, the campaign continues and as we spoke about before your cards will be returned to your deck and then you will find yourselves onto the second boss.

Each Different boss is randomized and the dungeons will get harder until players reach the fifth and final boss something we have never been able to defeat.

What did I think

I love this game it is so easy to play and the rules are very simple to explain with the app driving the whole experience it is a great game for casual and experienced gamers as the whole experience is immersive and engaging causing this game to just feel more like an experience than your normal everyday board game.

I would highly recommend this game if you are looking for something as a filler game or something to play with casual gamers or kids it works great.

The added bonus of the app working offline is great but if you don’t have a mobile phone or you want to leave it with kids you can just use a standard 5-minute timer, I just use a timer like this one here at Mightyape the display screen is great and it fits right in the box.


This game is some of the most fun you can have in 5-minutes and you can grab a copy from Mightyape for around $35 however if you live in countries like the United States where the board game industry is a lot more popular you should be able to find this game at your local shop for around $15 so it is very affordable and a great addition to your board game collection.

What do you think

Have you played 5 Minute dungeon please let us know by leaving your comments below I think this is a great game but would love to hear all of your thoughts on this quick Dungeon Crawling Game.

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