Super-fans of the Ticket to Ride series will be no strangers to the Ticket to Ride: 10th Anniversary released in 2014 this game contained material from the Ticket to Ride base game and the USA 1910 expansion along with some of the best looking plastic trains you have ever seen.

This Lead to a fair amount of disappointment when the 15th anniversary edition was announced with players hoping for the more stylish looking trains to make an appearance once again.

This disappointment however has now been averted with days of wonder latest upcoming release the 15th anniversary addition of Ticket to Ride Europe with social media commentators filling the feed the popular take my money meme. 

So why all the excitement and why do you as a Ticket to Ride Superfan need to consider this game. 

This deluxe and oversized version of Ticket to Ride® Europe celebrates years of thrilling train adventures for many families and friends.

Featuring finely detailed plastic trains and stations coming in gorgeous tin boxes, this version is a spare no expense definitive edition of the classic Ticket to Ride® Europe: oversized board, all the destination tickets published to date along with a set of beautiful new artwork.

The Trains

So why all the hype about the trains?

This anniversary edition contains some stunning looking trains that are reminiscent of the ones released in the 10th anniversary edition. 

To say they look good is an understatement they have really gone all out in creating another fantastic looking edition.


The Increased Board Size 

Bigger is better right these anniversary editions take this concept and run with it creating a slightly enlarged edition that just feels right especially for that 65+ crowd.. jokes side who doesn’t like a larger version of a game unless your living in a tiny home then you might want to read this article about ticket to ride New York. 

Ticket to Ride 10th anniversary selling for $500 on eBay

The Potential Scarcity 

One thing fans should be aware of is if you want this game you should preorder it fast as the last anniversary edition of this caliber now fetches a heavy premium with the game now selling for $400USD on sites like eBay. 

Over 4x it’s original retail price of $75USD.

If history has taught us anything if you want the upgraded game with the fancy trains buy and hold on day one unless you are willing to pay a premium. 

Offical Days of Wonder Announcement Video

Ticket to Ride Europe: 15th Anniversary Edition, a limited collector’s title set to be released late 2021

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