Light Games are not for everyone but for a majority group of people the ability to sit down with a group of people and play a quick, enjoyable game is the perfect board game experience.

Kingdomino gets this expectation and hits it out of the park this quick and easy game to play involves players taking turns drafting dominos with different types of terrain and adding them to there kingdom.

The game uses tiles with two sections, similar to Dominoes. Each turn, each player will select a new domino to connect to their existing kingdom, making sure at least one of its sides connects to a matching terrain type already in play. The order of who picks first depends on which tile was previously chosen, with better tiles forcing players to pick later in the next round. The game ends when each player has completed a 5×5 grid (or failed to do so), and points are counted based on number of connecting tiles and valuable crown symbols.

The catch the player scores points as long as the connected terrain matches and has crowns on it to indicate by how much the total grid score will be multiplied.

This game is simple and so easy to teach new players with the artwork and physical components looking really attractive its a great game with a lot of appeal the biggest factor being a round can be played in 15min making it very replayable.

It’s biggest criticism is actually its biggest strength as its been called to light but we think this is actually what makes this so great.

If you are looking for a fast easy to teach game that is perfect to play with a group of casual gamers this game is for you.

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