Your groups next Board Game night is about to get a whole lot more interesting, thanks to Hasbro who would have thought. The toy company finally released its brand-new collection of adult board games that are parodies of well-known classics, and we’re stocking up on every single one of these amazing games.

There are a total of five games included in the millennial-approved line, and each is a twist on one of the popular Hasbro games we’ve come to know and love through the years. It may look like these are an early April Fools’ joke when you see the titles, but luckily, they’re very real. Check out all five in the list below.

Clue: What Happened Last Night? Lost in Vegas Parody Edition

The description: “Shake up game night with this hilarious adult twist on the classic Clue board game! In the Clue: What Happened Last Night? Lost in Vegas adult party game, seven friends reunite for a weekend in Vegas, but someone had a little too much fun. Only six of you wake up in a disheveled hotel room on Sunday morning! Buddy is missing — and it’s up to the players to figure out who was the last person to see him, where they left him, and what they were doing. Eliminate the suspects and discover the who, where, and what to solve the mystery. Buddy could have been with handsome Jack Violet, charismatic Ava Carmine, forgetful Nathan Jade, or someone else entirely. The first player to solve the mystery before time runs out wins!”

Game of Life: Quarter Life Crisis Parody Edition

The description: “In Game of Life: Quarter Life Crisis adult party game, players will move around the board earning — and losing — money as they race to be the first to pay off their $500K soul-crushing debt. In this hilarious adult twist on the classic Game of Life game, players will pay the consequences of outrageous (and all too familiar) situations such as finding a photo of Grandpa’s toe fungus, dropping your phone in the toilet, or calling in sick to binge-watch TV. You might even get a new job . . . or a botched tattoo! The first player to find relief from their crippling debt wins!”

Botched Operation Parody Edition

The description: “There’s a laughing gas leak in the operating room and the doctors are feeling a little . . . buzzed. In this adult twist on the iconic Operation game, players are the doctor and will use the tweezers to remove silly ailments from Cavity Sam — but this time, they’ll have to do it while performing the stunt shown on the Challenge card. The card might say to remove parts without using your thumbs, or while getting tickled. If the tweezers touch the sides of the openings, the buzzer will sound! The player to get the most parts without getting buzzed before the timer runs out wins!”

Mystery Date: Catfished Parody Edition

The description: “An adult party version of the classic game, the Mystery Date: Catfished game brings players into dating in the digital age with hilarious adult gameplay. By picking, swapping, and collecting the hilarious Trait and Action cards, players will wade through a sea of weirdos as they search for love in the dubious world of online dating. When it’s time to open the door on the game board, players will be introduced to the companion and dating scenario of their dreams. But watch out! Just like in real life, they just might get catfished instead!”

Sorry! Not Sorry! Parody Edition

The description: “Secret confessions, no regrets. In this adult party version of the classic Sorry! board game, players will move their pawn around the Sorry! Not Sorry! game board as they aim to be the first player to get three pawns on the Home space. But there’s a catch! In this race around the board, players can sabotage their friends, steal their pawns, and use the Not Sorry! cards to expose their wildest ‘have you ever’ secrets. It’s sure to liven up the party!”

Hasbro’s parody board games are in Target stores in the USA and on for $18-$20 each, so clear some shelf space and empty your wallet because you will need all five.

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