Steve Jackson games have launched A complete redesign of the original car Wars game of autoduelling. Car Wars Sixth Edition plays faster and includes new plastic miniatures.

It is no surprise that this game has been 100% backed on Kickstarter already and is only skyrocketing In backers by the second.

To get a four player game started players will need to invest $75 USD and they will be ready to go with all they need to play this game.

So what is Car Wars?

Car Wars First published in 1981 is a game of autoduelling; futuristic vehicular combat where the right of way goes to the biggest guns.

Players will design their cars and then complete them with weapons, accessories, and crew.

Once they are ready they will then take them into the arena where one emerges victorious and the others are annihilated.

The game has plenty included and the stretch goals have all been unlocked making this classic game event more tempting for board gamers and car enthusiasts everywhere.

The game is only $75 during the Kickstarter Campaign with a ton of stretch goals and more details.

so make sure you follow the link below and check it out on the Kickstarter website before the end of the year.

Car Wars on the Kickstarter Website

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