The Highly anticipated Black Angel board game is finally ready for Preorder and orders will start being shipped later on this month.

Check out the details of the game and where to get it below.


Humanity, through its irresponsible behaviour, has exhausted the natural resources of Earth, making it almost uninhabitable. In a burst of lucidity, pressed by the irreversible degradation of your planet, the great nations are forced to put aside their differences and share their knowledge in order to create the best spacecraft ever constructed.

Therefore the BLACK ANGEL project is launched.

The Black Angel, the first intergalactic frigate in history, must transport the genetic heritage of humanity beyond known worlds, over a journey that is likely to last several thousand years. Her crew will be composed of only robots.

Because no nation is willing to trust the creation of the AI (artificial intelligence) that will control this crew to any other nation, a compromise is found: The Black Angel will be co-managed by several AIs, and the utility of each decision will be evaluated in VP (Validation Process).

At the completion of this long and perilous voyage, when a new inhabitable planet has been reached, the AI that has earned the most VP will be entrusted with reawakening Humanity and overseeing its new start….

All the reports are in agreement: The Black Angel is approaching Spes, a planet with the highest probability for habitability by the human species.

Take advantage of our approach to maintain the good relations you have gradually woven with the benevolent Alien species populating the galaxy, and watch out for the dreaded Ravagers, who would do anything to prevent you from reaching Spes.


During the game, players will represent AI’s from the various nations on a colony ship transporting the remains of humanity, in stasis, to a potential new habitable planet after the extinction of Earth.

Along the way, players have to deal with debris, fight off ravager aliens, and safely escort the ship to the new planet.

This is a dice drafting game that uses some of the same mechanisms as the designers’ previous game Troyes.

Players can use dice to move there own ship, take technology tiles, destroy ravagers, or repair the main ship.

Technology tiles are placed on your own 3×3 board, and rows or columns of tiles can be activated by placing cards of the tiles’ colour.

While this is a competitive board game, players will need to work together to overcome threats posed by the ravagers will also achieving their own personal goals.

Black Angel is available for Pre-Order and is scheduled to be Released Late September-2019

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