Terraforming Mars

Asmodee Digital published Luckyhammers digital adaptation of FryxGames physical board game Terraforming Mars on PC in October of 2018, but thanks to a rough launch the planned mobile release was apparently put on hold. Well, it would appear that Asmodee Digital finally feels confident enough to push out a  beta test, which means you can very soon you will be able to get a copy of this iconic game on your mobile device. 

The series is enjoying a wave of increased popularity at the moment after a successful Kickstarter campaign has greenlit another expansion for the game. 

For those new to the game Terraforming Mars is a classic in board game circles and So far, four expansions for Terraforming Mars have been released. Venus Next introduced flying cities, few dozens of new project cards, corporations, resources and fresh ways to win. Hellas & Elysium included 2 completely new maps with their own awards granting scores. Prelude gave players new cards and mechanics that speed up, and spice up the beginning of the game. Colonies allowed traveling to distant planets and establishing bases.

Termoil on Kickstarter Now

Turmoil the latest expansion takes it up to five and this mobile version just adds to the franchise. We hope it lives up to the hype but for now we will just have to wait until the beta tests are complete for a finished product. 

Terraforming Mars Trailer