2020 Looks to be a great year of board games from Publisher WizKids with the company announcing another title this week Sidereal Confluence is getting a remastered edition with a scheduled release date of 2020 this game looks visually stunning with amazing new cover art and updated layouts and rules.

Check out all the Details From the Wizkids Website Here ( https://wizkids.com/sidereal-confluence-remastered-edition/ )

Sidereal Confluence: Remastered Edition

The acclaimed negotiation game has been remastered!

  • Astounding new cover art by Kwanchai Moriya
  • Updated card layout
  • Cardboard turn and bidding trackers
  • Included teaching guide
  • Improved rulebook flow for easy setup and learning – includes more visual examples and clear key terms
  • Updated insert

Tauceti Deichmann’s thorough design sits at a unique intersection of simple turn order and complex chains of trading. This refined edition re-implements the gameplay that makes Sidereal Confluence a standout:

  • Asymmetrical gameplay – Play as one of 9 unique alien species, each with a unique story and playstyle to match
  • Simultaneous turns – surprisingly little downtime as everyone acts at the same time
  • Complex trades with simple notation – each converter tells you the approximate value of both inputs and products, helping you negotiate fair trades
  • Information is open – all resources and technologies are public knowledge.
  • Almost everything is tradeable – Not just your resources! Planets, ships, technology, future production and more.
  • Deals are binding – even across turns. If you make a promise during a trade, you must deliver. Cooperation is the key to being the top competitor

Critical acclaim for the first edition:

Shut Up & Sit Down review

“Sidereal creates a virtuous circle – good behaviour is rewarded, which creates more good positive behaviour that is in turn rewarded…players tend to be so nice that Sidereal is the only game where a player can go “Can I just have this and I’ll owe you one?” and you might say “Yeah!” Because favour is valuable, and that is a really interesting game mechanic.”


  • 380+ redesigned cards
  • 230+ Tokens and Tiles
  • 200+ Resource Cubes
  • 21 Boards
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Teaching Guide
  • 9 Player Screens

*Contents subject to change

MSRP: $69.99

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