In 2019 AEG released the hit game tiny towns that put players in the role of master builders creating there own towns.

In light of the success of this game the company will now release Tiny Towns: Fortune, an expansion that adds an additional story element, into stores from February 21, 2020.

The game is based around the smaller creatures of the forest that have created a civilization free of predators, and they look to you as mayor to guide their growing and thriving town. 

However, the area is small, and resources are scarce and limited so players will have to be wise and clever in the use of the limited resources available. 

A skill that will determine the most successful tiny town.

In this new expansion, players will find that the creatures of the forest have found a way to trick each other into thinking shiny bits of metal have arbitrary value (sound like anybody you know).

It’s new very useful tool called “money” will be very useful for players as they use it to get other creatures to give you almost anything in return for the right number of shiny bits. 

If only earning money weren’t so difficult!

This expansion set introduces more then just money into the mix of the Tiny Towns world. 

The box contents also includes one rulebook, six chest board, 30 wooden coins, 10 wooden resource cubes, 12 building cards, 10 monument cards, and one score pad.

All to add something new to your tiny towns game.

This game is for one to six players and required a copy of the Tiny Towns Board game to play, the game is suitable forages 14 and up, and plays in around 45 minutes. 

Tiny Towns: Fortune will have a recommended retail price of $29.99USD on release.

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