Players: 2 – 4

Playtime: 15–35 Min

Ages: 10 +

Splendor is card drafting game designed by Marc André which was released in 2014. This game number 16 in the family category of Board Game Geek. It’s a perfect game for families and friends alike and will work for any board game night.

Splendor is a very popular and well loved game due to its quick play time and huge amount of potential strategy. This game has been highly praised for its simple yet highly strategic gameplay, and also has a huge amount of replay ability. The quality of the components in the game, along with its beautiful and elegant poker chips that are heavy and well weighted adds a level of quality to the game. This game sits into a niche collection of games that need to be in everybody’s collection and is great to introduce new board game players.

Immerse yourself in the opulent world of Splendor, a game that transports 2 to 4 players into the heart of the Renaissance, an era brimming with the pursuit of wealth and influence. With a playtime that ranges from a brisk 15 minutes to a more strategic 35 minutes, Splendor is suitable for ages 10 and up, making it an ideal conduit for both youthful exuberance and seasoned wisdom to meet over a captivating session of strategy and competition.

Conceived by the ingenious mind of Marc André and unveiled to the world in 2014, Splendor quickly ascended to the prestigious rank of number 16 in the family category on Board Game Geek. This gem of a game is not just a pastime but a gateway to a world of intricate strategies and endless possibilities, promising a different adventure with every play.

Splendor’s allure lies not only in its swift playtime but also in the depth of strategy that it unfurls. It’s a testament to the game’s design that it can be both accessible to newcomers and yet remain a challenging enigma to the seasoned strategist. The game’s components are a feast for the senses: the hefty, elegant poker chips serve as tactile treasures, their weight a reminder of the substantial experience Splendor offers.

The game’s replayability is as vast as the Renaissance era it emulates. Each session is a new frontier, with players vying to outmaneuver one another in a quest for prestige points. The components are not merely functional; they are crafted with a quality that enhances the overall aesthetic, from the sturdy, weighty chips to the vividly illustrated cards.

In Splendor, players assume the roles of wealthy merchants, each striving to amass a fortune by acquiring gem mines, transportation, and shops. The ultimate goal is to garner prestige points and attract the attention of nobles, which can significantly boost one’s standing. The gameplay is elegantly simple yet deceptively deep. Players can collect gems, purchase and build card developments, or reserve cards for future turns, each action a step towards victory.

The game unfolds over a series of turns where players make critical decisions: Do they gather an array of gems, or focus on acquiring two of the same kind? Should they spend their gems to claim a card now, or reserve one for later and receive a versatile joker chip? Each card purchased not only edges a player closer to victory through prestige points but also builds their economic foundation, providing permanent gem bonuses for future purchases.

Splendor shines brightest when played with a quartet of competitors, each player’s strategy intertwining with and challenging the others’. The game is a dance of minds, where foresight and cunning are as valuable as the gems players collect. It’s a game that belongs in every collection, a centerpiece that promises to turn any board game night into an event of strategic splendor.

Indulge in Splendor, and you’ll find yourself not just playing a game but crafting a narrative of ambition and cunning, a tale where each decision can lead to triumph or despair.

With an 8/10 rating, Splendor is not just recommended; it’s a treasure to be claimed.


  • Exquisite quality chips that are a delight to handle and behold.
  • Intuitive gameplay that’s easy to learn yet blossoms with complexity in each new game.
  • Swift setup and straightforward rules make it perfect for introducing new players to the world of board games.


  • The cards, due to their frequent handling, may show wear; thus, it is advisable to invest in clear card sleeves to preserve their integrity and extend the life of your game. We Recommend using Clear Sleeves

Embark on your journey of Splendor and discover why this game has become a beloved classic in the pantheon of board games.

Rating: 8/10

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