Roll and Write Games have had a resurgence in popularity lately with games like Rail Road Ink bringing them into the spotlight.

Here are 3 Classic Roll & Write Games in a Print and Play Format that you can try today that we are sure you and your friends will love

Welcome to Dino World

Description from the designer:

Build and manage your own dinosaur park in this strategic roll and write game for 1 or more players. Roll dice, draw pens and try not to let any dinosaurs escape!

Each turn players share an expanding dice pool to work through three phases: add dinosaurs and buildings to the park, draw paths connecting attractions to the entrance, and control dinosaurs attempting to escape.

The game ends whenever a player runs out of space in their park or has had too many dinosaurs escape.

The player with the most fame from dinosaurs/attractions and the fewest penalties from breakouts is the winner!

Download Welcome to Dino World

Utopia Engine 

Description from the designer:

Utopia Engine is a free print-and-play dice game for one player. You play an old artificer named Isodoros who is attempting to reconstruct the Utopia Engine, a fabled device from the distant past and possibly the only hope for averting the fast approaching Doomsday.

You must recover the machine’s six parts from six dangerous regions and assemble the Utopia Engine before the world ends. The game uses simple dice mechanics to simulate searching the wilderness, activating and assembling powerful artifacts, and combat with artifact weapons.

Requires a printed play sheet, two six-sided dice, and a pencil with eraser.

Download Utopia Engine

Delve: The Dice Game 

Description from the designer:

You have a party of four adventurers, each with unique abilities – a Fighter, a Rogue, a Wizard and a Cleric. They will face 6 groups of monsters in order.

You fight battles one round at a time, rolling for your adventurers first. For your adventurer’s attack, roll 6 dice up to 3 times, setting aside any you want to keep. After the rolls, determine which attacks you will make, based on your surviving characters abilities.

For the monsters attack, roll a six-sided die for every point of health they have left. The goal of the game is to destroy all of the monsters and to finally slay the Dragon, with at least one surviving adventurer.

Download Delve The Dice Game

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