A fantastic rumour has hit the internet today that I would love to see come into fruition that the next time we will see the Hulk in the MCU he will be fighting one of his most well known adversaries Wolverine.

Those who are unaware of the Hulk and Wolverine in comic books they first meet in the 1974 in the Incredible Hulk comic book issue 180 where the Wolverine character was first introduced as Canada’s answer weapon X to stop Hulk when he enters the country.

After that the characters have gone on to fight multiple time’s

Here is a list of 5 time’s the two characters decided to fight.

1. 1974 – the introduction of Wolverine

In the last panel of “The Incredible Hulk #180”, Wolverine was keen to make a bold first impression, and he definitely did in “The Incredible Hulk #181”. Wolverine was working for the Canadian government as the pair teamed up to take on the cannibalistic Wendingo.

Wolverine made light work of the Wendingo and sliced him faster than a sushi roll. Hulk decided the “enemy of my enemy is also my friend” and it looked like the start of a beautiful friendship for Hulk and Wolverine.

2. 1988 – The Rematch

1988 was not only the year that Wolverine began his very-own ongoing series, but it was also the year that brought us the iconic comic book cover from “Incredible Hulk #340”.

So, 160 issues after they first met they go toe to toe once again.

3. 1999 – Bone Claws Fail

What are Wolverine’s claws actually made of? Well if you are going off what happened to the character during the 1999’s “Incredible Hulk #8”, it would appear Weak frail bones.

Adding the list of Wolverine’s biggest loses we pick up the story of an Adamantium-less Logan after Magneto tore out his skeleton during the classic “Fatal Attractions” storyline.

Foolishly, Logan decides this would be the best time to once again take on the Emerald King. A bone-clawed Wolverine had previously taken on Hulk in “The Incredible Hulk #454”, but this time he has learnt a thing or two.

Wolverine manages to poke out Banner’s eyes, in an epic Kill Bill moment, but Hulk gets his revenge by stomping his claws to dust ouch that’s got to hurt.

4. 2008 – The Old Men Brawl (Alternative Universe)

During the storyline Old Man Logan one scene that is absent from the film is also the only time we have ever seen Wolverine defeat Hulk. He does this with an awesome scene and one of the most iconic moments as we watched an old Wolverine bursting out of apocalyptic Hulk’s body!

After the massacre of superheroes, Banner marries She-Hulk and they have generations of children known as the Hulk Gang.

Wolverine owed rent to Hulk’s offspring and Banner killed off Wolverine’s family, which set this battle in motion.

In a Kill Bill fashion, Wolves kills off the Banners one by one, before confronting the big man himself. Hulk confesses that he wanted a fight like their “old days”, and boy do we get one!

Being devoured by Banner, Logan heals in his stomach before bursting out. Finally defeating and killing Hulk!

5. 2006 – 2009 longest Fight Ever

Finally, our last fight In this article is the incredible storyline which left Logan torn in two for THREE years.

Set between “Ultimate X-Men issue 69 and 71” and “Ultimates 2 #11”,

The plot sees Nick Fury recruit Wolverine to assassinate Hulk in Tibet and the two come to blows. With two issues under their belt, the creative team took a rather unsolicited break with no explanation, which grew and grew from 2006-2009.

Banner literally tears Logan in half and leaves him for dead (for three years technically). When the series picks back up Wolverine is alive and well – being a keen Canadian tracker, drags his intestinal tract up a mountain and goes on to find Hulk.

An act that leads to an epic fight of course

Final thoughts

There are many more fights in the comics but these are some of our favourite. Even tho we are not confident this rumour true we hope that one day we will see these two go toe to toe on the big screen.

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