There are a lot of moments in marvel comics where readers are left staring at the pages and panels in front of them asking themselves what just happened.

One of these moments involves the Scarlet Witch Herself when she uttered three simples words No More Mutants during the house of M Storyline.

It was in this moment that what happened to the entirety of mutantkind in one of Marvel’s biggest, most controversial crossover events, 2005’s House of M. was a reminder that Scarlet Witch in the comics is way, way more powerful than the one we’ve seen on film.

The three words No. More. Mutants caused a massive event that was a part of the House of M storyline a follow-up to the events of the “Planet X” and “Avengers Disassembled” storylines, in which Scarlet Witch suffered a mental breakdown and tried to alter the fabric of reality to recreate her lost children.

The Result of her uttering these words changed the 616 Universe causing the number of mutants in the world to drop from millions to a few hundred. Meanwhile, Wolverine awakens remembering everything about his past. The X-Men fly to Genosha looking for Magneto and his children. They find Magneto is also powerless, and does not know where Wanda or Quicksilver have gone.

The “House of M” storyline resulted in the reduction of the mutant population from millions to hundreds.

Only two current members of the X-Men (Polaris and Professor X) suffered this fate, as well as the former X-Man Chamber. Several minor allies and enemies were depowered, including Callisto and the Blob, the longest-running character to be affected.

Although their main adversary, Magneto, also lost his abilities, as have two members of the Avengers, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Magneto and Xavier have since been repowered, whilst Polaris and Quicksilver (and others) have either gained new powers (sometimes almost exactly like their old powers) or regained lost powers by other means, within a span of well under two years.

Other reasonably popular mutants have also been repowered by technology, such as Wind Dancer and Jubilee.

But this is one storyline we will never forget.

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