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Space Invaders

In SPACE INVADERS – THE BOARD GAME, 2-4 players defend their moon base against the SPACE INVADERS by moving their cannons across the game board in order to gather intelligence about the enemy above them. Destroying SPACE INVADERS provides powerful cards that are then added to the players’ hands. Gathered intel may be used for targeted research to further enhance the player deck capabilities. The game is driven by a total of 242 Action Cards, energy cards and researchable technologies.

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Rusty Industry

Rusty Industry ​is an economic strategy game that encourages growth and trade as players race to build industrial superpowers from the ground up. Feel the influence of an interactive economy as the effects of supply and demand shape your choices!

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Runika and the Six-sided Spellbooks

A 1-4 player fantasy puzzle game with 80 dice and rotating boards. Roll dice, solve puzzles, create your runes and cast your spells!

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18Chesapeake is a beginner game in the 18xx genre. It allows players to gradually build up skills that they can apply to other more complex 18xx games. 

 The “vintage” alternate art will appear on the reverse side of the board from the basic art–same game, just in a new style.

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