Do you remember that Pass the bomb game from the early 90s called Pass the Bomb? 

This was one of our favourite games as kids and well in a new party board game from the publisher behind games like Munchkin and chez geek this party game really has been brought back to life by the team at Steve Jackson Games in a new way called, called Le Boomb! (Note: The two games are different Le Boomb! is not a reprint of pass the boom but they really have a similar feel)

Le Boomb is a party dice game for two to 16 players

Le Boomb is a party dice game for two to 16 players (way more players then pass the Bomb).

How to Play – Le Boomb!

Le Boomb! has players taking turns to roll a die in the hopes that they’re not holding the plastic toy bomb when it goes off.

The bomb will explode in one of two different ways during gameplay either a player is unlucky enough to roll an explosion, or a wick is rolled three times in a row and once detonated the player holding the bomb is instantly knocked out.

Players can receive the bomb by rolling a bomb symbol on the die, which happens to be the most commonly found icon, and can only pass it on once another player has rolled a bomb themselves.

This game is a standard elimination game and ends once only one single player is left there are declared the winner. So you know the Hunger Games.

Why the Rerelease?

Le Boomb! was originally designed by H. Jean Vanaise and published by Mayfair Games (RIP) – Check out his other games on BoardGameGeek

This new reprint is being released by Steve Jackson Games, Taking over from Mayfair games after they shut down in 2018 the company behind party board games like Zombie Dice, Chez Geek and Munchkins, is perfect to adopt this game into there catalogue and help take us back to our childhood gaming days.

Purchase Information

Le Boomb! is around $7 – $12USD and is avaliable at limited retailers expecting a more extenstive release in 2020

The Mayfair Games Version is also Still Available – Check it out here

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