As we start to move towards the end of the year Kickstarter season has begun with some fantastic new games starting to launch on Kickstarter.

One of the games that have caught our attention is moonrakers. This tabletop game of shipbuilding, temporary alliances, and shrewd negotiation.

The game is only a few days in and is already 100% backed so we can’t wait to see it in the wild when it’s finished.

Check out Moonrakers on Kickstarter

About the game

Moonrakers is a game of shipbuilding, temporary alliances, and shrewd negotiation set in a space-faring future for 1 to 5 players.

The players will form a loose band of mercenaries, but while they are united in name, actual alliances are shaky as players are pitted against each other in the quest to become the new leader of the Moonrakers.

Moonrakers is a deck-building game in which players choose Contracts to attempt alone or with Allies in order to gain Prestige and Credits.

After negotiating terms with Allies, players use their decks of Action cards to play Thrusters, Shields, Weapons, Reactors, and Crew to fulfil the requirements on each Contract.

Each type of Action card has additional effects such as extra Actions, drawing additional cards, and protecting players from Hazards encountered while attempting Contracts.

Players create powerful decks and gain special abilities by upgrading their ships and hiring Crew Members. This helps them accomplish more difficult and rewarding contracts alone, letting them keep more Prestige and Credits for themselves.

Allies negotiate who will receive the Prestige, Credits, and risk of Hazard from Contracts, but if you don’t make your offers enticing enough players may be tempted to betray you!

The first player to 10 Prestige wins, but be careful as hazards encountered on Contracts reduce your Prestige!

What’s in the box

  • Box insert
  • 5 command terminals
  • 37 ship parts
  • 20 crew cards
  • Armory Board
  • Dispatch board
  • 4 hazard dice
  • 40 contract cards
  • 130 action cards
  • 23 objective cards
  • 5 player reference cards
  • 5 ship tokens
  • 40 metal credits
  • Origins graphic novel
  • Rule book

Final thoughts

This game has gotten fantastic reviews from some of the top reviewers in the industry and with the high-quality components and stunning artwork it’s another great game out of Kickstarter.

The game was designed by Austin Harrison and Max Anderson with the campaign being run by IV studios. A successful animation studio that has years of experience in delivering content to clients, including Netflix, Bad Robot, and Amazon and have promised to bring the same level of care and craft to delivering Moonrakers to you.

The manufacturer is panda games the game company behind games like the Dead of Winter series and many others and one of the leading manufacturers in the board game industry so we have no doubts in this campaign being a huge success.

Get your copy of moonrakers from Kickstarter by clicking here

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