Board Game Design Legend Burno Cathala has released a spoiler for his next kids game Dragomino on twitter.

The Kingdomino Designer will be releasing the game through publisher Blue Ocean Games with a release coming soon.

Dragomino Board Game Box Art

About the Dragonmino Game

Blue Ocean Games has released a description for the game saying that Dragomino is a tile-placement game for, two to four players where players will explore an island populated by magical scaly beasts on a quest to find the most baby dragons.

As dragon trainers, players will have to compete with one another to cover the most ground and gather the most dragonlings.

Dragomino is aiming for a younger crowd than the audience for Kingdomino, with designer Bruno Cathala announcing on Twitter that the upcoming release is aimed at five-year-olds kids.

Release Date

Bruno Cathala has stated that the game is scheduled to be released before the end of summer so we are expecting the game to be released between June – July 2020

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