The Team at Floodgate Games have announced a new Area Control Puzzle game for there line up next year.

Holi The Color Festival a game that looked to be themed around the Indian Colour Festive Holi. In this game players will celebrate the coming of spring by tossing the beautiful coloured powder into the sky, strategically covering the ground in the right places to be victorious on this festive day of love, play and colour! – As described by the Floodgate Games on their Facebook page.

We don’t have a look of information on this game at the moment aside for the fact that the game is designed by Julio E. Nazario and will be illustrated by Vincent Dutrait the game is for 1 – 4 players and has a playtime of between 30 – 60min.

We also know that Holi The Color Festival will feature four main mechanics and features in its gameplay long with fantastic art if the box is anything like the components.

Area Control – We players will use coloured powder tokens spread across the board and onto other players, covering the board in the pattern selected to earn points throughout the game.

3-Tier Board – Players ascend to have their powder fall from above, giving up victory points for better control and more chances to score.

Puzzle-like Action Selection – Colour cards determine the pattern coloured powder will fly in, giving players room to select the pattern that works best for them.

Variable Scoring Condition – Each game can have slightly different scoring conditions, adding depth and replayability.

Overall we look forward to seeing this game hit the shelves next year and this is defiantly one to be on the lookout for early 2020.

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