Boardgame designer and co-creator of the hit 2 player game 7 wonders duel Bruno Cathala along with his co-creator Antoine Bauza have hinted at a new expansion coming for the board game in 2020. 

If you don’t read French the tweet says:

Antoine Bauza

Very good session with @BDMontagnes today! The extension 2 of # 7wonders Duel is refined 🙂 #boardgames # j2s

All the additional details we know so far is the expansion will be called AGORA and that publisher Repos Production is currently planning for a SPIEL ’20 release. Thanks to a press release from

However, Bauza has also said on Twitter: We’ve been on it for two years … we’re not really in a rush: D

Boardgamegeek has also reported that the creators have said that in regards to the theme: “This time, we’re with the Senate, with senators struggling to pass decrees in various chambers … unless they prefer to hatch dark plots.”

We love 7 wonders Duel and are super excited to learn more about this game and hopefully more details will be released over the next few months. 

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