Are you french and looking for a great party game?

Top Ten is the latest upcoming party game from cocktail games for 4–9 Players which will debut in French this year in late February however will not be released in English until 2021 at the earliest.

Your goal in Top Ten is to survive five rounds, so you and your fellow players need to figure out how to get things in order!

Top Ten Board Game - French

About the Game

To start the game, place a number of unicorn tokens on the game board.

Choose one player to be the round’s chief.

That player gives all players a random card numbered 1-10, then they read one of the five hundred theme cards included in the game, e.g., “Batman wants to replace Robin to fight the bad guys.

Create a new duo ‘Batman and …’ from the worst to the best.” The chief looks at their number then will give an answer based on their number.

If they have a 1, they want to give the worst possible suggestion; if a 10, the best; if a 5-7, somewhere in the middle.

Each other player then gives an answer to this theme based on the number they were dealt, then the chief needs to decide who has the lowest number, then the next lowest, and so on.

For each mistake, the chief flips a unicorn token over to its poop side.

If all the unicorns have left by the end of the fifth round, leaving you with nothing but poop, then you lose.

Otherwise, you win the game because anybody with a unicorn as a friend is a winner!

English Release Date

We can’t wait until this game comes out in English but we might be waiting a while with no planned English release maybe 2021

Until then English speaking countries will just have to wait

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