The Space Race was a lie!

From Pandasaurus Games the creators of Dinosaur Island now comes a strategy game set in an alternate 1960s space race where the general theme is that the race was a lie but controlling the Alien Tec on the moon is really important!

Godspeed now on Kickstarter

GodSpeed is a mid-weight worker placement game of extraterrestrial colonization for 2 – 5 Players with 60/90 Min of Playtime.

The game looks fantastic with over a year of internal and blind-playtest feedback from 100’s of unique plays that allowed us to get data to ensure the game is perfectly balanced, the rules are clear and each decision is tense.

What’s in the Box – From Kickstarter

How do you Play

Pandasaurus Games has created a bunch of graphics to show you how to play so why don’t you click on the campaign link below and check out how to play.

Check it out on Kickstarter today

Check out this great looking game on Kickstarter the game costs $70 USD a year and for an extra $15 you can get a Dinorsoar island promo.

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