LumberJerks is a fast-paced, take-that, lumberjack-themed card game. Chop block your friends and be the first to yell timber Designed by Howling Hog Games designers Alex and Austin two college friends with a mutual love for video games, card games, and one pet hedgehog.

About the Game

This simple but very cool looking card game involves two phases the Chopping Phase and the Lumberjerking phase with the first player to successfully chop all of there tree cards declared the winner of the game and the biggest lumberjerk.

During the Chopping phase, Players Roll a dice to determine how much of there tree is successfully chopped with a 3 or higher chopping one tree card and a 6 chopping two cards.

The Game then moves into the lumberjerk phase where players use action cards to force the other players to complete different actions that may undo their efforts in the first round or help themselves take more actions to chop their tree down faster.

This is a simple yet great looking card game that will only cost you $16 to Pledge.

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Check this game out on Kickstarter by Clicking here at this Cost theres no reason not to

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