Space Base is a board game designed by John D. Clair and published by Alderac Entertainment Group. It is a dice-rolling game for 2-5 players that takes about an hour to play.

Experience the Thrills of Running Your Own Space Station in the Entertaining Board Game, Space Base

In Space Base, players are the directors of a space station and are trying to earn the most points by rolling dice and using them to activate abilities on their player board and on the main board.

The dice represent different types of crew members that can be assigned to various tasks on the station.

The game has a sci-fi theme, but it is mostly present in the artwork and flavor text. The gameplay is primarily centered around the dice rolling and resource management.

One of the unique mechanics in Space Base is the way that the dice are used. At the start of each turn, players roll their dice and then assign them to different actions on their player board or on the main board. The dice remain on these spaces until they are used again, so players must carefully plan their actions in order to get the most out of their dice.

The main board consists of a series of spaces that allow players to earn points, gain resources, and draw cards. Each space has a cost to activate, and players can use their dice to pay these costs.

Space Base Board

The cards that players can draw provide various bonuses and abilities that can be used to further their goals.

The game ends when one player has reached a certain number of points (determined by the number of players), or when the deck of cards has been exhausted. At that point, players total up their points and the player with the most points wins.

Overall, I really enjoyed Space Base. The dice rolling mechanics are unique and provide a lot of interesting decisions for players to make. The resource management aspect of the game is also well done, as players must carefully consider how to use their dice and resources to get the most out of their turns.

If you like board games with a good mix of luck and strategy, I would definitely recommend giving Space Base a try.

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