Carcassonne Mobile App no longer Available March 2020

 Carcassonne Mobile App no longer Available March 2020

If you are like me and have the Carcassonne app on your iphone you are In for some disappointing news.

According to the developer the coding monkeys the Carcassonne app will no longer be available for purchase as of March 1st 2020. 

Coding monkeys contract with the Company behind Carcassonne, Hans im Glück, has come to an end. Shortly after March 2020, the interpretation by Asmodee will be available for purchase for Mac and iPhone/iPad.

Coding monkeys Carcassonne online service catered for over 2 Million active devices at peak times. 

Players also finished over 8.5 Million games, and on average there are around 3.500 games up and running at any point in time.

This was a fantastic gaming experience and we are greatfull to coding monkeys for making this app. 

The company has announced that while there version of Carcassonne will no longer be available for purchase, they guarantee to run our servers for at least a year from now, and after that for as long as is technically feasible for us.

See the full announcement using the link below


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