About Catan: Global Warming

Catan Global Warming is a free PNP Scenario for the base game of Catan that adds an environmental element to the game for an added twist.

The Campaign adds an additional end game scoring condition known as the Green Guardian to go alongside the longest road and largest army.

This Catan scenario is unlicensed but released with the approval of Benjamin Teuber, Managing Director of Catan GmbH.

From the Creator

Welcome to Catan, a land of plentiful resources and perfect spaces.

You’ve found the ideal place to settle and expand! But settling a land comes with certain challenges, and accommodating the needs and desires of your expanding population won’t be easy, on you or on the land itself.

Developing villages and cities, roads to connect them, and armies to defend them, will all take a toll on the environment. Rapid development and the destruction of the natural landscape will result in the emission of greenhouse gases, which, should it go unchecked, will have potentially catastrophic effects.

As the settlers of Catan, you have a choice, tackle global warming with sustainable development, or pursue individual victory, no matter what the cost…

About the Scenario

The Global Warning Campaign is a game expansion for the popular board game Catan, as it adapts the regular Catan game to become a game about sustainability and climate change.

It’s a great idea but please keep in mind that you must already own a copy of the Catan game and know how to play it.

The game offers an unconventional way for players to learn more about climate change and take a proactive stance towards it while playing a game they may be used to playing without these potential negative effects for there actions.

The game also provides opportunities for cooperative discussions and decisions on how to develop the land and expand a community sustainably.

The scenario has different rules than the regular version of Catan that really help illustrate the effects of climate change. These rules are included with the PDF of resources, however, they are complex to read if you are not already familiar with Catan then we recommend playing the base game a few times first before adding this campaign.

It will be a lot quicker to learn if you already understand the base game. 

Campaign Components

You will have the following included in the PDF download that you will need to print and create to play this campaign.

  • 18 double-sided number tokens,
  • 19 Crisis Cards,
  • 10 Green City tokens,
  • 1 Green Guardian card,
  • 1 Greenhouse Gas Tracker,
  • 1 Greenhouse Gas Marker,
  • Rules,
  • Design Notes,
  • Almanac
  • Additional components needed: Catan (base game)

How to Download

Download theCatan: Global Warming Expansion ENGLISH HERE

Catan: Global Warming is a scenario by Sam Illingworth and Paul Wake for the board game Catan®, designed by Klaus Teuber and property of Catan GmbH. The scenario was developed with the aim of raising awareness of and generating debate discussion about, global warming. 

You can download the rules and tokens required to play the scenario using the link above (you will need a copy of Catan to play this scenario). Along with these files, you will find design notes and suggestions for using the scenario in an educational context.

This project was funded by Manchester Metropolitan University, Edinburgh University, and the NERC-funded project Greenhouse gAs Uk and Global Emissions (GAUGE). 

Catan: Global Warming is not an officially licensed or approved Catan product.

You can find out more about the project, at the official project website: http://gamesresearchnetwork.org/catan/.

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