For those that have been playing tabletop games for awhile you would have noticed The world of tabletop gaming has changed since our parents’ and grandparents’ generations.

While they may not want to delve into the world of Scythe or buy the latest sensation to come out on Kickstarter, they’re usually willing to play something new. 

Games that help us connect to generations that came before us are out there. Most elderly gamers are familiar with classic games such as monopoly, chess, bridge, and Scrabble and have a great vernacular for gaming. Board Games have also been proven to be very beneficial for those in there old age in both a mental and social capacities.

Thanks to designers who’ve adopted older board game mechanisms into there new modern games games, it’s easier than ever for players of all ages to play together during International Tabletop Day.

Here are five great games that are great for elderly gamers. Go visit your grandparents go find some seniors and introduce them to modern board games!

Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan

I can’t leave of the game that started it all for the modern board game movement this grandfather of modern board games is perfect to teach your grandparents the rules are simple and it has a high level of social engagement so players will be continually taught the rules while they are playing it. Just don’t forget to explain the bonus tiles and why a development card is actually important and you are bound to have a blast.


Skip Bo

My grandparents would have my head if I left this game of the list, it’s not really a new game on the scene by any standards but generally an overlooked card game. But the rules are simple and the entry requirement is counting to 12 but being able to identify these patterns and really does sharpen the mind and why I think they are still able to wipe the floor with there grandchildren after all these years.



This game with a simple goal: be the last dragon standing is one of the easiest games to teach and I have literally been able to teach it by saying “stay on your line don’t fall off the board don’t hit anybody”. Turns are simple: play one of three tiles onto the board and move your dragon token to the end of its path. As tiles connect with other, the paths will intersect and sometimes loop around in entertaining ways. Playing up to 8 players, Tsuro is a fast and easy way to introduce elderly gamers to the hobby.



Puzzle lovers will enjoy NMBR 9, a spatial game with unique scoring rules. Players draw random oddly-shaped numbers and try to place them adjacent to each other. The only way to score points, however, is to place numbers on top of each other. For each level they’re above the table, the bigger multiplier you receive, but only if they’re completely supported by the numbers underneath them. Most games only take 20 minutes and it’s an excellent way to scratch that jigsaw-puzzle itch.

Ticket to Ride (New York)

This slimed down portable version of ticket to ride is perfect for your grandparents as it is not as involved or overwhelming as the classic game it’s a great entry point into the franchise and a gateway game to one of the best gateway games.

We hope you liked this list please use the comments section below to let us know your top games to play with your grandparents this tabletop day

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