So you have a bunch of new games that have been sitting on your shelf for months, and you want to get your family and friends to play with you. Maybe they just don’t seem interested.

Maybe they say they are but then disappear at the first opportunity. How do you get them to stay and play?

The answer is easy. Just follow these seven tips to Make Board Game Night A Regular Part Of Your Life.

Tip 1: Invite them to play with you during a holiday gathering.

Holidays are the best time to introduce games to people as they are relaxed and keen to try something new.

Away from the stress of normal responsibilities, people get an opportunity to see how playing board games can create connection and engagement away from social media.

So pack some fun party games that scale for all sizes and experience levels I recommend games like Spyfall, Railroad Ink & Point Salad with games like Cadel and Tiny Epic Galaxy if you want something with a bit more substance.

Tip 2: Get the kids playing, too.

I’m going to say it! Every parent needs a copy of Connect 4. Why? Well, i am glad you asked. Connect 4 is a great board game to start to teach kids, How to take turns, win and lose (and how to do it well), problem-solving, and what rules are and is fast and replayable. Everything you need to get the kids playing board games too.

Bonus: Connect 4 is tough to destroy!!! 

Once your child has mastered all of these or at least has a basic understanding, the sky is the limit, and it’s time to get them playing too.

Start small with party games, and next thing you know, your 5-year-old will be wiping the floor with you in Agricola.

Tip 3: Bribe them with food.

I’m just here for the snacks. It’s not expressly said each time, but we all know that one player that’s there to at all the food.

Sometimes a hit and miss on a two-player game but in these 3 – 4 player games, a warm body Zombie player may not look like much but will enhance your gameplay experience.

So don’t skimp on the snacks.

Tip 4: Pick short games.

I can hear the twilight imperium fanatics rolling their eyes at me while I write this, but sometimes you need to lean into the shorter games.

Establishing gaming groups in your life is a marathon, not a sprint, and most people don’t want to play a board game for 6 hours on a Tuesday night, even some diehard players.

So make sure you pick games that are well suited to the time you have and the players in your group, then set time aside and preplan for the longer games.

It will make the nights more engaging for both camps.

Tip 5: Choose a game that suits your group’s experience level.

You want a night playing the latest Euro board game Next thing you know, your board gamer friends who love to play games are just not free, making the night happen a bit of a challenge.

Finally, you convince your significant other or group of friends newer to board games to give the game a try, and you sit around and take turns reading the rule book repeatedly until you decide to go to bed.

This is why finding games at appropriate skill levels is a must with any skill; starting at an appropriate experience level is essential if you want to succeed. This may mean giving up some play sessions of certain games in the short term, but in the long term, you will be grateful.

Tip 6: Find a game with a theme you think your friends will find appealing.

Theme theme theme… so fun story. My friends won’t play wingspan with me because they hate the theme. Not even kidding; fantastic game and good mechanics; the theme is just meh for them.

The theme is important; it can be the difference between a player feeling totally emerged or completely disengaged, so lean into the themes that you and your friends love.

Doesn’t mean the other games are bad; I just play wingspan with other friends that also enjoy the theme.

Tip 7: Whether you’re new to board games or not, party games are a great choice for board game nights.

Sometimes You just need a game that’s right for them. Party games are perfect for this. What is the best way to define a party game? Did I hear you say?

Well, it should be engaging without being challenging, fun without being stressful or competitive, and it shouldn’t require lengthy explanations on how to play.

So get started

Overall the best tip to keeping this going is to make sure everyone is having fun and ask what they like about the games before selecting one for the next round of play. Knowing your audience is critical and the best way to To Make Board Game Night A Regular Part Of Your Life.

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