Board Games Published in 1994

Full List of Board Games Published in 1994

List includes, Player Count and if the game is an Expansion

NameExpansionPublishedPlayer Count
Blood Bowl (Third Edition)FALSE19942-2 Players
RoboRallyFALSE19942-8 Players
6 nimmt!FALSE19942-1 Players
We the PeopleFALSE19942-2 Players
I’m the Boss!FALSE19943-6 Players
Vampire: The Eternal StruggleFALSE19942-5 Players
ManhattanFALSE19942-4 Players
KingdomsFALSE19942-4 Players
Iron DragonFALSE19942-6 Players
Wildlife SafariFALSE19942-5 Players
IntrigueFALSE19943-5 Players
Catch Phrase!FALSE19944-16 Players
Knightmare ChessFALSE19942-2 Players
Sharp ShootersFALSE19942-6 Players
Talisman (third edition)FALSE19942-8 Players
Illuminati: New World OrderFALSE19942-8 Players
Blood Bowl (Third Edition)FALSE19942-2 Players
RoboRallyFALSE19942-8 Players
6 nimmt!FALSE19942-1 Players
We the PeopleFALSE19942-2 Players
I’m the Boss!FALSE19943-6 Players
Vampire: The Eternal StruggleFALSE19942-5 Players
ManhattanFALSE19942-4 Players
KingdomsFALSE19942-4 Players
Iron DragonFALSE19942-6 Players
Wildlife SafariFALSE19942-5 Players
IntrigueFALSE19943-5 Players
Catch Phrase!FALSE19944-16 Players
Knightmare ChessFALSE19942-2 Players
Sharp ShootersFALSE19942-6 Players
Talisman (third edition)FALSE19942-8 Players
Illuminati: New World OrderFALSE19942-8 Players
Australian RailsFALSE19942-6 Players
Big BossFALSE19942-6 Players
Enemy at the GatesFALSE19942-2 Players
PylosFALSE19942-2 Players
1841FALSE19942-8 Players
The Great Battles of Julius Caesar: The Civil Wars 48-45 B.C.FALSE19942-2 Players
ArdennesFALSE19942-4 Players
Colonial DiplomacyFALSE19942-7 Players
Over the ReichFALSE19942-2 Players
GuerillaFALSE19943-6 Players
Neue Spiele im alten RomFALSE19942-7 Players
Proud Monster: The Barbarossa CampaignFALSE19942-2 Players
Dixie: Bull RunFALSE19942-2 Players
No Better Place to DieFALSE19942-2 Players
Landships! Tactical Weapons Innovations 1914-1918FALSE19942-2 Players
Kolin: Frederick’s First Defeat – June 18, 1757FALSE19941-2 Players
Yahtzee Deluxe PokerFALSE19942-6 Players
Pass the BombFALSE19942-1 Players
AerodromeFALSE19942-12 Players
MaharajaFALSE19943-5 Players
Worm Up!FALSE19943-5 Players
Wettstreit der BaumeisterFALSE19943-4 Players
HispaniaFALSE19944-5 Players
An den Ufern des NilsFALSE19942-5 Players
Lost Victory: Manstein At Kharkov, Winter 1943FALSE19941-4 Players
On the EdgeFALSE19942-5 Players
Dixie: ShilohFALSE19942-2 Players
Dixie: GettysburgFALSE19942-2 Players
Kapitn WackelpuddingFALSE19942-5 Players
Second FrontFALSE19942-2 Players
The Rising Sun: Command at Sea Volume IFALSE19942-12 Players
The Battles of WaterlooFALSE19941-4 Players
Olympia 2000 (v. Chr.)FALSE19942-5 Players
Ring of FireFALSE19941-2 Players
1807: The Eagles Turn EastFALSE19942-2 Players
Falsche FuFFzigerFALSE19943-6 Players
La Bataille de WavreFALSE19942-2 Players
Star Trek: Customizable Card Game (first edition)FALSE19942-2 Players
1837FALSE19943-7 Players
Britain Stands AloneFALSE19942-2 Players
Titan LegionsFALSE19942-2 Players
WINKFALSE19943-8 Players
Triumphant FoxFALSE19942-2 Players
Word ThiefFALSE19942-1 Players
1914: Glory’s EndFALSE19942-2 Players
Budapest ’45FALSE19942-2 Players
Hunters from the SkyFALSE19942-2 Players
StonehengeFALSE19942-2 Players
Age of ExplorationFALSE19941-6 Players
RapidoughFALSE19944-99 Players
Days of Decision IIFALSE19942-7 Players
Decision in FranceFALSE19942-3 Players
WaldmeisterFALSE19942-4 Players
Monster DerbyFALSE19942-1 Players
Like Lions They FoughtFALSE19942-2 Players
Battle DomeFALSE19942-4 Players
Volley & BayonetFALSE19942-4 Players
Fury of the ClansmenFALSE19942-8 Players
Across the PotomacFALSE19942-2 Players
Avalanche: The Invasion of ItalyFALSE19942-2 Players
Austro-Prussian WarFALSE19942-4 Players
RansomFALSE19942-6 Players
Das Regeln Wir SchonFALSE19943-5 Players
Die OsterinselFALSE19943-4 Players
Crusades IIFALSE19942-2 Players
Fugger, Welser, MediciFALSE19942-6 Players
1899FALSE19943-6 Players
On to MoscowFALSE19942-2 Players
Eagles of the Empire: BorodinoFALSE19941-2 Players
MacArthur’s Return: Leyte 1944FALSE19942-2 Players
More Backpacks and BlistersFALSE19942-6 Players
Sword & ShieldFALSE19942-2 Players
The Last BlitzkriegFALSE19941-2 Players
MushFALSE19942-6 Players
When Tigers FightFALSE19942-2 Players
Knock OutFALSE19943-5 Players
Trivial Pursuit: Genus IIIFALSE19942-6 Players
Crazy RaceFALSE19943-5 Players
Des chiffres et des lettresFALSE19942-2 Players
PaparazzoFALSE19943-5 Players
OlixFALSE19942-2 Players
The Hobbit Adventure BoardgameFALSE19942-4 Players
X-Men: Under SiegeFALSE19942-4 Players
AlfapetFALSE19942-4 Players
VI Against RomeFALSE19942-2 Players
Make 7FALSE19942-2 Players
SaharaFALSE19942-2 Players
VigoFALSE19942-6 Players
Pro Action FootballFALSE19942-2 Players
Weapons & Warriors: Power Catapult SetFALSE19942-2 Players
UNO HeartsFALSE19942-8 Players
Travel SequenceFALSE19942-2 Players
Die Schlangen von DelhiFALSE19942-4 Players
Weapons & Warriors: Lashout LauncherFALSE19941-2 Players
Operation Shocktroop: The Israeli Counterstroke Against Syria, 1973FALSE19942-2 Players
The Haunted Clock TowerFALSE19942-6 Players
International Oilman GameFALSE19942-8 Players
QuakFALSE19942-4 Players
Tahiti: Clan Warfare, Polynesia 750 ADFALSE19941-4 Players
Husch Husch kleine HexeFALSE19942-6 Players
Slasher: The Final CutFALSE19943-6 Players
Junior AliasFALSE19945-8 Players
Tracks to TellurideFALSE19942-6 Players
La TrelFALSE19942-2 Players
Mexican TrainFALSE19941-8 Players
The WayFALSE19942-2 Players
Panda MoniumFALSE19943-6 Players
Die ErbrafferFALSE19942-6 Players
BarbariansFALSE19941-2 Players
GangsterFALSE19942-6 Players
Edge CityFALSE19942-4 Players
CrosstrackFALSE19942-4 Players
DoomtrooperFALSE19942-7 Players
TriologyFALSE19942-4 Players
Picture PursuitFALSE19944-99 Players
Magical MazeFALSE19942-4 Players
Chicken of the SeaFALSE19942-2 Players
Monopoly: The Portable Property Trading GameFALSE19942-6 Players
Robin HoodFALSE19942-2 Players
Galactic EmpiresFALSE19942-2 Players
Mummy RummyFALSE19942-5 Players
Dark ForceFALSE19942-2 Players
UNO StackoFALSE19942-1 Players
True or FalseFALSE19942-6 Players
Eagle KingdomsFALSE19942-6 Players
WyvernFALSE19942-2 Players
Channel SurfingFALSE19942-99 Players
SlamwichFALSE19942-6 Players
SpellfireFALSE19942-8 Players
Super Deck!FALSE19942-2 Players
Power LunchFALSE19942-6 Players
Sim City: The Card GameFALSE19941-99 Players
MedFrontTRUE19942-2 Players
VolgaFrontTRUE19942-2 Players
Big BattleFALSE19942-2 Players
Check the RipperFALSE19942-4 Players
Basta!FALSE19942-6 Players
Blood Bowl: DeathZoneTRUE19942-2 Players
Mouse, Mouse! Get Outta My HouseFALSE19942-4 Players
OgFALSE19942-4 Players
AvalonFALSE19943-6 Players
Hollywood for SaleFALSE19943-6 Players
Das Magische HexagonFALSE19942-2 Players
SokratesFALSE19942-4 Players
HexenstichFALSE19942-6 Players
Ion GloryFALSE19942-6 Players
The Barons of FynFALSE19942-6 Players
LNL: Laplace, Newton & LagrangeFALSE19942-2 Players
BonesFALSE19942-2 Players
Die Chinesische MauerFALSE19941-4 Players
Talk ShowFALSE19943-6 Players
SenetiFALSE19942-2 Players
The Fishing GameFALSE19941-6 Players
Pancho Villa, Dead or Alive!FALSE19942-3 Players
Supremacy: Colonial Legions and Merchant MarineTRUE19943-8 Players
MiddlemanFALSE19942-2 Players
SpritfresserFALSE19942-6 Players
ParoliFALSE19942-6 Players
Clue Jr. Travel GameFALSE19942-4 Players
Lost WorldFALSE19942-4 Players
Nieznaika on the MoonFALSE19942-8 Players
Sushi: Jalapeo WarFALSE19942-4 Players
BeziehungskistenFALSE19943-8 Players
Carrott’s Canny CaptionsFALSE19943-6 Players
King TutFALSE19942-4 Players
HoodwinkedFALSE19942-4 Players
Im RampenlichtFALSE19942-6 Players
1-2-3 OY!FALSE19941-5 Players
A-B-C OY!FALSE19941-5 Players
NumeroFALSE19941-4 Players
Talisman (third edition): City of AdventureTRUE19941-8 Players
Biker Mice from Mars: Take Back the CityFALSE19942-4 Players
Talisman (third edition): Dungeon of DoomTRUE19942-6 Players
Kolonial AfrikaFALSE19942-5 Players
Tip the ShipFALSE19942-3 Players
Bodyguard OverlordFALSE19942-2 Players
Man O’ War: Sea of BloodTRUE19942-8 Players
OskarFALSE19943-6 Players
Fortune SeekerFALSE19943-8 Players
The Classified Encyclopedia of Chess VariantsFALSE19942-2 Players
Weapons & Warriors: Star FortFALSE19942-2 Players
An Evening of Murder: Winner Take AllFALSE19948-8 Players
By Force Of ArmsFALSE19942-2 Players
1876 Centennial BaseballFALSE19942-2 Players
Among NationsFALSE19943-6 Players
World Cup Soccer USA 94FALSE19942-2 Players
Soccer-FootballFALSE19942-5 Players
Star Trek: The Next Generation Romulan ChallengeFALSE19942-6 Players
Fraidy CatsFALSE19942-4 Players
BailiwickFALSE19942-4 Players
JactusFALSE19942-6 Players
CNN The GameFALSE19942-6 Players
Mustangs Expansion ModuleTRUE19942-6 Players
SmergeFALSE19942-4 Players
Jacob’s LadderFALSE19942-6 Players
Crisis: 2000FALSE19942-2 Players
Fury on ChamplainFALSE19941-2 Players
Monster Maker M3FALSE1994– Players
Star PokerFALSE19942-7 Players
Spuren im BuschFALSE19942-4 Players
Murder la carte: Bullets ‘N’ BarbecueFALSE19946-6 Players
QuintoFALSE19942-4 Players
qui le tour ?FALSE19942-4 Players
Prism QuestFALSE19942-6 Players
Finger-Flick Sports: All-American EditionFALSE19942-2 Players
TemplumFALSE19942-2 Players
TribFALSE19943-7 Players
Das Geheimnis der AbteiFALSE19942-4 Players
Sue You!FALSE19943-8 Players
Weapons & Warriors: Cavalry Attack SetFALSE19942-2 Players
Allerley SpielereyFALSE19941-7 Players
HitchikerFALSE19942-6 Players
Enchanted PalaceFALSE19941-4 Players
FlixFALSE19942-2 Players
Africanus: SPQR ModuleTRUE19942-2 Players
ZzzinityFALSE19942-8 Players
Auto MarketFALSE19943-6 Players
KupidoFALSE19944-12 Players
SpyQuestFALSE19942-6 Players
Dragon SupremeFALSE19942-4 Players
Deluxe Pinball SoccerFALSE19942-2 Players
Hi JackFALSE19942-6 Players
Mech In FlamesTRUE19942-6 Players
Fatal Alliances IITRUE19942-5 Players
Normandy ’44FALSE19942-4 Players
Tee Off on GolfFALSE19941-4 Players
Fantasy ManagerFALSE19942-1 Players
Wicked Willie The BoardgameFALSE19942-6 Players
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Battling Dice GameFALSE19941-4 Players
The Good Ship FreedomFALSE19941-12 Players
Hugs & TicklesFALSE19942-12 Players
SnowstormFALSE19941-12 Players
Video Fighter: Dragons of FuryFALSE19942-8 Players
Hook the CrookFALSE19942-4 Players
La Squadriglia degli AssiFALSE19942-2 Players
Speedy DeliveryFALSE19942-4 Players
The American AcesFALSE19942-2 Players
12 O’Clock HighFALSE19942-6 Players
Spitfire!FALSE19942-2 Players
Spires of the KremlinFALSE19941-2 Players
Crimean ShieldFALSE19941-2 Players
Malta, Clash of Eagles ExpansionTRUE19942-2 Players
Bi-litaireFALSE19942-2 Players
Wild WoolyFALSE19942-4 Players
Tortoise and the Hare Board GameFALSE19942-4 Players
XhenorFALSE19945-6 Players
Kennen Sie Traxenbichl ?FALSE19942-8 Players
Norns: The Shirt GameFALSE19942-8 Players
The CrowFALSE19942-4 Players
Ko-AnFALSE19942-2 Players
EXO-Squad GameFALSE19942-4 Players
The Game of Pilgrim’s ProgressFALSE19942-4 Players
AFCQBFALSE19942-2 Players
TraumlandFALSE19942-4 Players
Pony Soldiers: Skirmish Rules for the Indian Wars & the Old WestFALSE19942-2 Players
Big JohnFALSE19942-4 Players
Bolt ‘n’ SteinFALSE19942-4 Players
LibelFALSE19942-6 Players
Rings & ConesFALSE19942-4 Players
Cone SanctuaryFALSE19942-4 Players
Disc-TrianglesFALSE19942-4 Players
Velveteen Rabbit Game. TheFALSE19942-4 Players
Wir Feiern Ein FestFALSE19941-4 Players
Napoleon’s Battles Module 2TRUE19942-12 Players
Napoleon’s Leipzig CampaignFALSE19941-2 Players
Pocahontas Pick A Peck GameFALSE19942-4 Players
Murder la carte: Brewing TroubleFALSE19946-8 Players
Grid IronFALSE19942-2 Players
GargoylesFALSE19942-4 Players
Fateful LightningFALSE19941-2 Players
Pocahontas GameFALSE19942-4 Players
Crazy CrabFALSE19942-4 Players
Rate Your MateFALSE19944- Players
Memory MadnessFALSE19943-6 Players
Looney Tunes Smush ‘EmFALSE19942-4 Players
ArmatiFALSE19942-2 Players
Hidden TalentsFALSE19943-6 Players
Street Fighter IIFALSE19942-4 Players
Treasure TrapFALSE19941- Players
Chick-A-BoomFALSE19942-2 Players
To The Far ShoreFALSE19942-2 Players
Rock JocksFALSE19942-2 Players
Bouvines 1214FALSE19942-2 Players
VIPsFALSE19942-5 Players
Star Wars Miniatures Battles CompanionTRUE19942-6 Players
Williams Renault Grand Prix ChampionshipFALSE19941-6 Players
APBA BoxingFALSE19942-2 Players
Adult Late Night GamesFALSE19942-2 Players
Mary DowserFALSE19943-6 Players
Balancing BearsFALSE19942-2 Players
Battle RiderFALSE19942-2 Players
Talk Dirty To MeFALSE19942-1 Players
Cash oder CrashFALSE19943-4 Players
Mann O MannFALSE19943-1 Players
Alles dreht sich um die Wilde WieseFALSE19942-8 Players
Raffke!FALSE19943-6 Players
King of the SandboxFALSE19942-6 Players
Polly PocketFALSE19942-4 Players
Chung ToiFALSE19942-2 Players
Safari BuildersFALSE19941-4 Players
Hip-Hip HoorayFALSE19943-6 Players
Campaign for Guadalcanal: Long Lance & Henderson FieldFALSE19941-2 Players
DabolFALSE19942-2 Players
Subway TorontoFALSE19942-6 Players
KonosFALSE19942-2 Players
Q-BlastFALSE19941-4 Players
More Thrust: The Full Thrust SupplementTRUE19942-6 Players
Last Battles: East Prussia, 1945FALSE19942-4 Players
Twenty FivesFALSE19942-4 Players
Thunderbirds International Rescue GameFALSE19942-4 Players
Trivial Pursuit: The Year in Review Questions about 1993FALSE19942-6 Players
Ancients: Thapsos & AlexandriaFALSE19942-2 Players
Doubles ChessFALSE19942-4 Players
Towers in TimeFALSE19942-2 Players
The Lion King Matching GameFALSE19942-2 Players
AmenFALSE19942-8 Players
PigasusFALSE19942-6 Players
Barnyard BingoFALSE19942-4 Players
Crystal DraughtsFALSE19942-6 Players
X-Men: Crisis in the Danger RoomFALSE19942-4 Players
NFL-opolyFALSE19942-6 Players
InspirationFALSE19943-6 Players
Quaak!FALSE19942-2 Players
CD Adventure: Search for the Lost CityFALSE19942-4 Players
Goofy Golf MachineFALSE19941-4 Players
GessFALSE19942-2 Players
Skeleton WarriorsFALSE19942-4 Players
The White UnicornFALSE19942-4 Players
The Doonesbury GameFALSE19942-6 Players
Dare to DreamFALSE19942-6 Players
Category GameFALSE19942-8 Players
Die kecken ReckenFALSE19942-4 Players
ClintonopolyFALSE19942-2 Players
The Green EarthFALSE19942-8 Players
Aladdin: Jasmine Magic Ring GameFALSE19942-4 Players
Are We There Yet?FALSE19941-99 Players
Brain Bash!FALSE19941-4 Players
Bubble Up PupFALSE19942-4 Players
VerkehrsChaosFALSE19942-4 Players
The Bug GameFALSE19941-6 Players
A Century of Conflict “The Great Crusade 1939~1945”FALSE19942-8 Players
BeautifulFALSE19942-6 Players
Battling the BulgeFALSE19942-2 Players
Striker IIFALSE19942-2 Players
Squadrons: Air Combat Rules for 1/300th Scale PlanesFALSE19942-2 Players
ImpressionsFALSE19944- Players
Pardon?FALSE19942-4 Players
BrsenkrachFALSE19942-6 Players
Weg Damit!FALSE19942-5 Players
Alles fr die Katz?FALSE19942-4 Players
TextorFALSE19942-3 Players
ZongFALSE19943-6 Players
Quote UnquoteFALSE19942-4 Players
Adult Drinking Games CompendiumFALSE19942-2 Players
IronsidesFALSE19942-2 Players
Every Man to his StationFALSE19941-4 Players
Travel TriBondFALSE19942-4 Players
GizzajobFALSE19942-6 Players
Home Game Fantasy FootballFALSE19942-14 Players
RealityFALSE19942-8 Players
Formel 1FALSE19942-4 Players
Zaporozhye 1943FALSE19941-2 Players
Defeat in BurmaFALSE19942-2 Players
Closing the Merida Pocket: Extremadura 1938FALSE19942-2 Players
Neues LandFALSE19943-6 Players
Beakman’s World Beakmania GameFALSE19942-4 Players
To the Sound of the Minuet: Mollwitz 1741FALSE19942-2 Players
Gargoyles Stone Warriors Battle Card GameFALSE19942-4 Players
Gum GuysFALSE19942-2 Players
La Dernire maison sur la gaucheFALSE19942-2 Players
War For the MotherlandFALSE19941-2 Players
The Little Mermaid Under the Sea Card GameFALSE19942-4 Players
BookwormFALSE19942-4 Players
Lyle, Lyle CrocodileFALSE19942-4 Players
Seals of SatanFALSE19942-2 Players
The Mask 3-D Board GameFALSE19942-4 Players
KingFALSE19942-2 Players
Chicken LimboFALSE19944- Players
TopFALSE19942-3 Players
MoskvaFALSE19941-2 Players
Trojan WarsTRUE19942-4 Players
Tabletop FootballFALSE19942-2 Players
Monopoly: Dallas EditionFALSE19942-8 Players
Piss ArtistFALSE19944- Players
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers GameFALSE19942-4 Players
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Audio GameFALSE19942-4 Players
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers War of the ZordsFALSE19942-4 Players
Catholic Family Bible GameFALSE19942-6 Players
HomonopolisFALSE19942-6 Players
Peanut PanicFALSE19942-4 Players
Pocahontas Canoe Race GameFALSE19942-4 Players
Pocahontas Picture HuntFALSE19942-4 Players
Mapping the TownFALSE19941-4 Players
Ad-MadFALSE19942-8 Players
CorporateFALSE19942-5 Players
Maisy GameFALSE19941-4 Players
ArcanorFALSE19942-2 Players
From Golan to Sinai. The Arab-Israeli Wars 1956-1973TRUE19942-2 Players
Clash of the War GalleysFALSE19942-2 Players
Flashpoint!FALSE19942-2 Players
BattlegammonFALSE19942-2 Players
Guess How Much I Love You GameFALSE19941-4 Players
PiQadilly CircusFALSE19942-4 Players
Trekkers: GenocideFALSE19942-3 Players
Bank AccountFALSE19942-5 Players
The Battle of the AlmaFALSE19941-2 Players
TG3FALSE19942-6 Players
Never Mind the BuzzcocksFALSE19942-2 Players
Mr. Cadbury’s Parrot GameFALSE19942-2 Players
JackpotFALSE19942-6 Players
Alkelda DawnTRUE19942-2 Players
CrusadeTRUE19942-2 Players
VisionaryFALSE19942-16 Players
BloxFALSE19942-2 Players
The Game of SpaceFALSE19942-4 Players
VertigoFALSE19942-2 Players
The 1 GameFALSE19942-2 Players
Discover AmericaFALSE19942-4 Players
Buck QuestFALSE19942-6 Players
The Guildford GameFALSE19942-6 Players
Dark MillenniumTRUE19942-4 Players
Skate ProFALSE19942-4 Players
The All New Brit Quiz GameFALSE1994– Players
The Legend of Merlin’s MagicFALSE19942-4 Players
The Elvis Trivia GameFALSE1994– Players
PersonaFALSE19942-1 Players
The Game of EarthFALSE19942-8 Players
Star Fleet Battles: Module F1 The JindariansTRUE19942-12 Players
SwizzFALSE19942-8 Players
Star Fleet Battles: Module X1 The X-ShipsTRUE19942-12 Players
Lotto: The Fantasy GameFALSE19942-6 Players
OverlordFALSE19942-2 Players
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Junior Detective EditionFALSE19942-4 Players
Zahlemann und ShneFALSE19942-4 Players
Murder la carte: Chinese TakeoutFALSE19946-6 Players
Word Spin ScrambleFALSE19941-6 Players
Star Fleet Battles: Module S2 Scenario Book #2TRUE19942-12 Players
Chess MutationFALSE19942-2 Players
Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantstic de Sitges, The GameFALSE19942-6 Players
Turtle RecallFALSE19942-4 Players
Vino! The exciting game of wineFALSE19942-4 Players
LeximaniaFALSE19942-4 Players
BreakoutFALSE19942-2 Players
Die Oper der Schwarzen SpiegelFALSE19942-5 Players
RailrallyFALSE19942-4 Players
Saved by the Bell: The New ClassFALSE19942-4 Players
L’le lettreFALSE19942-8 Players
Thapos and AlexandriaFALSE19942-2 Players
Dinosaurs: The Game of SurvivalFALSE19942-4 Players
La sombra del aguilaFALSE19942-2 Players
Nickelodeon Clarissa Explains It All GameFALSE19942-6 Players
Commando ChessFALSE19942-2 Players
Massive Star CorpsFALSE19942-2 Players
Tiere auf dem BauernhofFALSE19941-4 Players
Biker Mice from Mars: Rock… ‘N Ride! Card GameFALSE19942-4 Players
GridrunnerFALSE19942-4 Players
Far Side-1TRUE19942-12 Players
ZINFALSE19942-2 Players
The Sierra Club GameFALSE19942-4 Players
Doubles BackgammonFALSE19942-4 Players
Doubles CheckersFALSE19942-4 Players
Legendary BattlesFALSE19942-2 Players
The HustingsFALSE19942-8 Players
Critter-TekFALSE19942-2 Players
Street Fighter II- World Warriors Card GameFALSE19942-4 Players
PonytrailFALSE19943-6 Players
Five-State RummyFALSE19942-4 Players
Dragons’ DerbyFALSE19943-4 Players
Love GameFALSE19943-4 Players
World War II Expansion 3: The Battle of MidwayTRUE19942-5 Players
Fame AliasFALSE19944-12 Players
Dylan DogFALSE19943-6 Players
Corriere della SeraFALSE19942-6 Players
Strategic GolfFALSE19941-4 Players
TuskFALSE19941-8 Players
Football dominoesFALSE19942-2 Players
Flights of FantasyFALSE19942-2 Players
Rocket’s Red GlareFALSE19942-6 Players
The Kaleidoscope GameFALSE19942-4 Players
Les Dieux NomadesFALSE19942-5 Players
Animal Friends: Jungle PartyFALSE19942-4 Players
VoyagersFALSE19941- Players
Mighty Max Ultimate Adventure GameFALSE19942-4 Players
Mighty Max And The Crystal QuestFALSE1994– Players
Under the CoversTRUE19942-2 Players
Celebrity HeadFALSE19942-4 Players
Kpt’n JanFALSE19942-4 Players
Nuclear War Booster PacksTRUE19942-6 Players
Picture BingoFALSE19941-3 Players
Murder la carte: A Cajun KillingFALSE19946-6 Players
Sea RoverFALSE19942-4 Players
TurnajaisetFALSE19942-2 Players
NBA Jam SessionFALSE19942-2 Players
Big Bird’s Special DeliveryFALSE19942-4 Players
Bert’s Bottle CapsFALSE19942-4 Players
Das KnguruhspielFALSE19942-6 Players
Schmunzel-monsterFALSE19942-4 Players
DinozooFALSE19942-4 Players
Creepy CrawlersFALSE19942-4 Players
Teddy Bear BingoFALSE19942-6 Players
IdiosyncrasiesFALSE19943-6 Players
Willi WackelFALSE19942-4 Players
The Phonics GameFALSE19941-6 Players
BrainCheck TwoFALSE19942-2 Players
Mitsubishi Space GameFALSE19942-6 Players
BumpersFALSE19942-2 Players
Corse CiclisticheFALSE19942-8 Players
Kalle KringelwurmFALSE19942-6 Players
Spy vs. Spy Combat Card GameFALSE19942-2 Players
Mickey tovert met vormenFALSE19942-4 Players
Tic Tac TonyFALSE19942-2 Players
Hold the PhoneFALSE19942-4 Players
Scrambled EggsFALSE19942-4 Players
Captain Moroni’s Spy GameFALSE19943-24 Players
God Save the KingTRUE19942-2 Players
ShootistFALSE19942-1 Players
Sesame Street Let’s Go to the ParkFALSE19942-4 Players
ZenergyFALSE19942-24 Players
Kryomek: HivestoneTRUE19942-2 Players
Space Fleet: Warp OneFALSE19942-4 Players
Alcaiz 1809, Maria 1809, Castalla 1813FALSE19942-2 Players
Arvaa NimiFALSE19942-8 Players
MimixFALSE19943-6 Players
Q-FIGHTERFALSE19942-2 Players
Soldiers of the NegusTRUE19942-2 Players
After Dinner Games CompendiumFALSE19942-2 Players
Operations of SS Panzer Abteilung 102 in the NormandyFALSE19942-2 Players
Party & Co: TrazosFALSE19942-4 Players
Totale ApokalypseFALSE19942-2 Players
La Libration de ParisFALSE19941-1 Players
TrioFALSE19944-8 Players
Outrageous JournalistsFALSE19942-6 Players
Stopp!FALSE19944-12 Players
Knights and KnavesFALSE19942-2 Players
Bonk! The Game of Naughty WordsFALSE19942-6 Players
A.K.A.FALSE19942-99 Players
Political Influence, An American TraditionFALSE1994– Players
Let My People Go!FALSE19942-4 Players
The Game of OceanFALSE19942-8 Players
Party & Co: JuniorFALSE19942-4 Players
CalculusFALSE19942-6 Players
Tom & LucyFALSE19942-6 Players
The Narrowboat GameFALSE19942-6 Players
Software Process Improvement GameFALSE19942-4 Players
Back TalkFALSE19944-12 Players
ManoeuvreFALSE19942-2 Players
MimikkFALSE19943-6 Players
Lek og lr-spilletFALSE19942-4 Players
LesespillFALSE19942-4 Players
Do-To-Ho Table HockeyFALSE19942-2 Players
Peek-a-boo RummyFALSE19942-2 Players
The Eton GameFALSE19942-8 Players
Educated GuessFALSE19943- Players
Houserules NapoleonicsFALSE19942-2 Players
Fields of HonorFALSE19942-1 Players
QuasselstrippeFALSE19942-6 Players
Gotta SecondFALSE19942-6 Players
Pirelli Rallye Monte CarloFALSE19942-6 Players
King of the BeastsFALSE19942-4 Players
Top-GunFALSE19942-2 Players
FanchiseFALSE19942-6 Players
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Revenge of Lord Zedd GameFALSE19942-6 Players
Groot Superhelden Bordspel BoekFALSE19942-8 Players
Travel Tribond KidsFALSE19942-4 Players
MasterMinds and Monkey-ShinesFALSE19942-1 Players
Mighty Max Super Battle Card GameFALSE19942-4 Players
ChesslingFALSE19942-2 Players
Pieko na PacyfikuFALSE19942-2 Players
Original DessertFALSE19942-6 Players
JihadFALSE19942-4 Players
Party TimeFALSE19944-1 Players
DalmaniaFALSE19942-4 Players
ProjexFALSE19942-2 Players
Boomtown: The Building of a CityFALSE19942-8 Players
Srebrna flotaFALSE19942-8 Players
In The Grand MannerFALSE19942-2 Players
Realstat RacingFALSE19942-8 Players
Viaje por EuropaFALSE19942-6 Players
SuperstarsFALSE19942-12 Players
1930!FALSE19945-5 Players
PlasticopoliFALSE19942-4 Players
Blurt! Travel EditionFALSE19943- Players
Town And CountryFALSE19941-3 Players
Magical Circle GuruguruFALSE19943-5 Players
Klappe auf!FALSE19943-6 Players
Elmo’s Lunch BunchFALSE19942-4 Players
Normal ist das nicht!FALSE19943-4 Players
Den letzten beien die HundeFALSE19943-6 Players
The Beer GameFALSE19942-6 Players
Die harte NussFALSE19942-4 Players
RepublocratFALSE19942-6 Players
247 “”FALSE19942-2 Players
BrummiFALSE19942-4 Players
MiniTFALSE19942-4 Players
BrainyFALSE19942-1 Players
Time on Target: The Battle of the Bulge 50th AnniversaryTRUE19942-2 Players
ZahlenklauFALSE19942-4 Players
The Noble Game of Elephant and Castle or Travelling in AsiaFALSE19941-4 Players
WackelturmFALSE19942-6 Players
Animal 2×2FALSE19942-4 Players
BedrijvenspelFALSE19942-6 Players
Highway Mary KayFALSE19942-4 Players
Silly ExpressionsFALSE19942-6 Players
Skate CatFALSE19942-4 Players
Swiss QuizFALSE19943-6 Players
Flush! The All-American Tax GameFALSE19942-6 Players
Der gestiefelte KaterFALSE19942-4 Players
VertikadoFALSE19941-4 Players
Det nya EuropaFALSE19942-4 Players
Taktvoll PunktierteTRUE19943-8 Players
ArkanumFALSE19942-3 Players
Taktvoll Bass-SchlsselTRUE19943-8 Players
KulltourFALSE19942-5 Players
1 x 1: SpielFALSE19942-4 Players
Burg SchreckensteinFALSE19942-4 Players
SommerlandFALSE19942-4 Players
DetourFALSE19942-2 Players
Once Upon a Time in the Western PeninsulaFALSE19942-12 Players
Da-Di-DoFALSE19942-2 Players
Hannibal Ante PortasFALSE19942-3 Players
Snackin’ SafariFALSE19942-4 Players
None Shall Pass!FALSE19942-6 Players
Gettysburg: The Battlefield GameFALSE19942-6 Players
The Amazing Science Fiction and Horror Trivia GameFALSE19942-6 Players
Bible Tik Tak ToeFALSE19942- Players
High CrusadeFALSE19942- Players
Trivial Pursuit: 1993 Edition (German)FALSE19942-6 Players
Futballkrtya “2000”FALSE19942-2 Players
HexFALSE19942-6 Players
Multimatch IIIFALSE19941-4 Players
Multimatch IVFALSE19941-4 Players
TetradeFALSE19942-2 Players
MingleFALSE19941- Players
Junta Expansion CardsTRUE19942-7 Players
Turbo AsticotFALSE19942-2 Players
Steampunk: War BaloonFALSE19942- Players
Mormon TrekFALSE19942-6 Players
Trivia New MexicoFALSE19944-16 Players
VR Troopers GameFALSE19942-4 Players
AnimOuchFALSE1994– Players
TEE-RIVIAFALSE19942-6 Players
Succe$$ QuestFALSE19942-6 Players
The Future Art of WarFALSE19942-6 Players
Redmond TriviaFALSE19942-6 Players
Put the Fire OutFALSE19942-4 Players
Republic & EmpireFALSE19942- Players
Warhammer 40,000 CodexTRUE19942-6 Players
Pike AttackFALSE19942-4 Players
Trivia, Country StyleFALSE19942-5 Players
MyndaatlasspiliFALSE19942-4 Players
Joc de la Festa MajorFALSE19942-12 Players
L’EvasoFALSE19942-6 Players
Harpoon Naval Review 1994TRUE19942-3 Players
Word by WordFALSE19943-6 Players
Mini SkittlesFALSE19942-5 Players
ReFALSE19942-2 Players
WahltagFALSE19942-4 Players
Land O’ SugarFALSE19942-3 Players
WinniMFALSE19942-4 Players
Pas de ChargeFALSE19942-8 Players
The Great Football Card Game: AFL Football EditionFALSE19942- Players
Ion Glory’s DestroyerTRUE19942-6 Players
Bible SpellFALSE19942-6 Players
Jump HorseFALSE19942-6 Players
SlinkaFALSE19942-6 Players
Word RummyFALSE19942-4 Players
Red Baron Stearman Squadron RaceFALSE19942-4 Players
Rummy RootsFALSE19942-4 Players
More RootsFALSE19942-4 Players
EdgesFALSE19942-4 Players
Boredom: The Dismal Anti-Game for 1 to 3 PlayersFALSE19941-3 Players
Kids These DaysFALSE19942-3 Players
Salmon QuestFALSE19942-2 Players
King Size UNOFALSE19942-4 Players
Malta Under Siege: 1940-1942TRUE19942-2 Players
Korea 1995: ROK AttackTRUE19942-2 Players
PanzerKmpfeTRUE19942-2 Players
Tales From the Cryptkeeper: Search for the Lost Tales!FALSE19942-4 Players
RejuvAnationFALSE19942-99 Players
Bausack: Extension KitTRUE19942-6 Players
Sea LawFALSE19942- Players
Rex Hunt: Fishing AustraliaFALSE19942-6 Players
Major League BaseballFALSE19942-6 Players
TransactieFALSE19942-4 Players
P skattejakt med kaptein SabeltannFALSE19942-4 Players
The New LinkageFALSE19942-8 Players
Guess the GargoyleFALSE19942-4 Players
Bayonet & Ideology: Spanish Civil War (1936 1939) Battle Rules for 15mm Figures and ModelsFALSE19942-8 Players
Bastogne or Bust (first edition)FALSE19942- Players
PreventitFALSE19942-6 Players
PortfolioFALSE19942-8 Players
Space Fleet: Warp TwoTRUE19942-4 Players
Morron TerrorFALSE19942-4 Players
Sla oceliFALSE19942-2 Players
BattleTech Tactical HandbookTRUE19942-8 Players
TriplexFALSE19942-2 Players
Bet-a-FactFALSE19943- Players
Skidrow A Go-GoFALSE19942-3 Players
Legions of Steel Advanced RulesTRUE19942-5 Players
Legions of Steel Alien Source BookTRUE19942-5 Players
MY-NUTE Tabletop GolfFALSE19941-4 Players
WordageFALSE19942-6 Players
Road Skill: Survival on Life’s Great HighwayFALSE19942-3 Players
Panque: The Spooky Frightmare Game!FALSE19942-3 Players
Heavenly Ham House: The Safe-Sex Virtual-Reality Role-Playing Game!!FALSE19942-5 Players
Formule D Circuit 8: GRAN PREMIO DE ESPAA Circuit de CatalunyaTRUE19942-1 Players
Formule D Circuit 9: GRAND PRIX DU CANADA Circuit Gilles VilleneuveTRUE19942-1 Players
Europa vivaFALSE19943-6 Players
TriuneFALSE19942-2 Players
Street FighterFALSE19942- Players
Sophonisba and the Battle of the Great Plains: SPQR ModuleTRUE19942-2 Players
Primal Rage: Rage On Urth!FALSE19942-4 Players
Talisman (third edition): White Dwarf UK #186/US #185 CharactersTRUE19942-8 Players
Talisman (third edition): White Dwarf #179 CharactersTRUE19942-8 Players
Talisman (third edition): White Dwarf #177 CharactersTRUE19942-8 Players
The FlintstonesFALSE19942-4 Players
Flippin’ DolphinsFALSE19942-4 Players
Steel Bonnets: Skirmish Rules for 16th Century Border ReiversFALSE19942-8 Players
StingFALSE19942-4 Players
Getta Goff ChallengeFALSE19942-4 Players
ApaspilFALSE19942-4 Players
Battalions In Crisis! ModuleII: 1944-45TRUE19942-1 Players
Pocahontas Electronic Talking Board GameFALSE19942-4 Players
Laske yhteenFALSE19942-4 Players
Destination GraduationFALSE19942-6 Players
Fantasy ChessFALSE19942-4 Players
Take It to the MaxFALSE19942-6 Players
Pieces of Eight: Rules of Pirates of the 17th and 18th CenturiesFALSE19942- Players
Meuterer!FALSE19944-4 Players
NBL ChallengeFALSE19941-6 Players
Mega Express: Spelet om EUFALSE19942-8 Players
Aladdin: The SeriesFALSE19942-4 Players
Brusselez-vous?FALSE19942-4 Players
The Balkan WarsFALSE19942-2 Players
Sand, Flies, & Desert SoresFALSE19942-2 Players
Critical Hit! Issue 1TRUE19942-2 Players
Memphis BelleFALSE19942-8 Players
Fast Play Armada RulesFALSE19942-2 Players
Avanti!FALSE19942-4 Players
Backblast #1TRUE1994– Players
Dr. Gardner’s PICK-AND-TELL GAMESFALSE19942-2 Players
Godzilla!FALSE19942-4 Players
Vad sger djuren?FALSE19942-4 Players
Take That The GameFALSE19942-5 Players
BattleTech Technical Readout: 3057TRUE19942-6 Players
Perfekt geblfftFALSE19944-12 Players
IpoFALSE19942-6 Players
BattleTech Compendium: The Rules of WarfareTRUE19942-6 Players
BattleTech: TukayyidTRUE19942-6 Players
BattleTech: The Black ThornsTRUE19942-6 Players
Outburst Junior: Travel EditionFALSE19942- Players
Forgotten Counters of World War IITRUE19942-2 Players
Aurora-opolyFALSE19942-4 Players
Hans Christian Andersen’s Thumbelina GameFALSE19942-6 Players
Master ImagemFALSE19944-99 Players
Geus en SpanjoolFALSE19942-2 Players
S’getti ScatterFALSE19942- Players
Captain’s Log #15TRUE19942- Players
Captain’s Log #16TRUE19942- Players
PicturesFALSE19944-12 Players
Schlieffen EastTRUE19942-3 Players
Shamu and his Crew, Protect Our Seas GameFALSE19942-4 Players
Super GowaFALSE19942-4 Players
Polly Pocket Pollyville Card GameFALSE19942-4 Players
Re Cuor di LeoneFALSE19942-4 Players
GespensterburgFALSE19942-6 Players
My BodyFALSE19941-4 Players
AtlantydaFALSE19942-4 Players
Mouse blasterFALSE19942-2 Players
1302FALSE19942-6 Players
A Question of Sport: JuniorFALSE19942-6 Players
MatchominoFALSE19942-6 Players
MysterionFALSE19942-6 Players
Love PartyFALSE19942-6 Players
NesthkchenFALSE19942-4 Players
The Battle of Dertosa 215 B.C.TRUE19942-2 Players
Charges Antiques et MdivalesFALSE1994– Players
Activity Superthema Krper & NaturTRUE19943-16 Players
Take OverFALSE19942-6 Players
Desert Island DiscsFALSE19942- Players
Quiz & Co. 4 SchuljahrFALSE19941-8 Players
Quibble Das schnelle KreuzwortspielFALSE19942-4 Players
Josef und seine BrderFALSE19942-6 Players
Elexikon Langenscheidt EnglischFALSE19941-2 Players
vos marquesFALSE19942-4 Players
PenultimaFALSE19943-8 Players
IdenticardsFALSE19943-6 Players
Codon: The DNA GameFALSE19942-5 Players
Phantoms of the Ice: Double Trouble & MagicianTRUE19942-1 Players
One-Dimensional Connect FourFALSE19942-2 Players
SuperpionFALSE19942-4 Players
EngrenageFALSE19942-5 Players
CleonFALSE199412-4 Players
Star Trek Deep Space NineFALSE19942-6 Players
Soccer Replay: 1994 U.S.A.TRUE19941-2 Players
Map CapsFALSE19942-4 Players
United ChallengeFALSE19942-2 Players
Kinder-QuibbleFALSE19942-6 Players
Build’em Up BarrelsFALSE19941- Players
KopfballFALSE19942-2 Players
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Gigantik GameFALSE19942-4 Players
Kribbel-KrabbelFALSE19942-4 Players
Une poule sur un murFALSE19942-4 Players
Trivial Pursuit Lifestyle Reise editionFALSE19942-2 Players
SiebensteinFALSE19942-2 Players
Krdezz ! Felelek: j krtykFALSE19943-6 Players
Thunder Megazord’s Card GameFALSE19942- Players
Gene RummyFALSE19942-4 Players
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Dart Target GameFALSE19941-4 Players
AladdinFALSE19942-3 Players
Monster MemoFALSE19942-4 Players
RechengalaxieFALSE19942-6 Players
Escape the BlobFALSE19942-4 Players
PatilezFALSE19942-2 Players
Raid: The Caribbean Word GameFALSE19942-6 Players
Mountain Pass ChessFALSE19942-2 Players
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Good Against Evil GameFALSE1994– Players
QuattroFALSE19942-2 Players
21 Lawn DiceFALSE19942-99 Players
Jeu des RetrouvaillesFALSE19942-4 Players
Max: A Two-Player GameFALSE19942-2 Players
Ich spiele EinkaufenFALSE19941-4 Players
On Patrol with PC SelbyFALSE19942- Players
Cover the PictureFALSE19942-2 Players
Top of the HillFALSE19942- Players
DemocracyFALSE19942-4 Players
Rondje FrieslandFALSE19942- Players
CartoonFALSE19943-3 Players
Monopoly: Boston EditionFALSE19942-8 Players
SundhedsspilletFALSE19942-6 Players
6 nimmt! SchnupperspielFALSE19942-4 Players
StaxFALSE19942-4 Players
AncientsFALSE19941-2 Players
Mit Zippo durch HertenFALSE19942-6 Players
Flappy Golf QuizFALSE19941-4 Players
The Amazing Spider-ManFALSE19942-4 Players
Hilarious Health careFALSE19942-8 Players
Fantastic FourFALSE19942-4 Players
X-MenFALSE19942-4 Players
WolverineFALSE19942-4 Players
The AvengersFALSE19942-4 Players
The Incredible HulkFALSE19942-4 Players
The Lion KingFALSE19942-4 Players
Beauty and the BeastFALSE19942-4 Players
101 DalmatiansFALSE19942-4 Players
The Little MermaidFALSE19942-4 Players
AladdinFALSE19942-4 Players
Snow White and the Seven DwarfsFALSE19942-4 Players
Alfons kuliga kojspelFALSE19942-4 Players
Yabba-Dabba-DooFALSE19942-4 Players
After Dinner Games CompendiumFALSE19942-2 Players
CifraFALSE19942-2 Players
ConfigureFALSE19941-6 Players
ThemewordsFALSE19941-4 Players